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Cruising Sri lanka in a vehicle is an exhilarating experience. It is a SUV or a hired cab, one can enjoy visiting the cultural-filled towns on wheels. Up and down the pristine landscape, from the tropical regions to the busy urban cities. With the dominant culture being Buddhist, many people mark Sri lanka as a dreamland to visit. Did you know that it has been greatly influenced with the south Indians, still, colonization by the trendy Portuguese, also strong Dutch and smart British left a trace with many historical buildings and places associated with them. Below is the top five most sought destinations liked for their unique features that are important to the people of Sri lanka. They are rated as the best places to drive for your vacation in a pristine way.


It’s the city that boasts of covering the largest geographical space and is home to over a million people. Many inhabitants flock it to enjoy a busy day as they get lost in the Pettah bazaars mainly shopping for artefacts for their souvenir. You also have an opportunity to play cricket with a native.


1. Has a National Museum that is house to the rich history of the land and its occupants dating thousands of years back. You can get a chance to do your research about the Portuguese fair trades with the Dutch.

2. Multiple restaurants dot the sidewalks that tourists get a chance not only to sniff, but also to sip the prestigious Ceylon tea.


Sri Lanka
Kandy – Sri Lanka

Home to pure Buddhist people, you would definitely learn about their religious history and partake in one of their festivals during your vacation. Delicacies are mainly of spiced rice so you and your family or friends will have to taste some.

1. The iconic Temple of the Tooth of Relic is situated here. Carry you camera and you will be spoilt for choices. The temple is lined with drawing to the wall that will grace your album.

2. Relaxing in Kandy is well planned since it has a scenic lake at the center.


Sri Lanka

Strategically located at the shore of Negombo lagoon, it’s a sight to behold. Access to it is quite easy due to its closeness to the airport. This city is widely known for the historical trade between the Dutch and Portuguese who frequented the port a lot.


1. It has a 100 km stretch of a canal that know as, “Dutch canal”. This canal is still in a well maintained state but now sited as a tourist destination.

2. With the Old Dutch fort still towering from 1672, it will be a place to learn about the lifestyle of the Dutch during your stay in Srilanka.


Sri Lanka

If you visit a country, you have to pass through its capital. Galle is the capital of the famous southern province.

1. Unawatuna beach is the place to be. Visit during the monsoon when the sea is still and sky blue then you’ll choose whether to leave or lengthen your stay.

2. It has the foundation of a great Dutch fort.


Sri Lanka

The mention of this land click a thought in mind. The finest tea of Ceylon has its origin from this place. Situated at the tropics where elegant and striking English mansions with great architectural designs.


1. Evergreen tea plantations surround it adding value to the claims of being the main-hill resort of the Srilankan land.

2. English lifestyle is the most dominant in this place. It has a first class golf course with the tropical climate making horse riding possible.

3. The natural landscape has the icing being its beautiful waterfalls.

These are the places to add to your destination list of where to spend your vacation. Breathe Srilankan air and you will be part of it. You only need a Srilanka visa accepted with Electronic Travel Authorization and make your dreams come true.

Guest post by: Rose Marlo


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