South Indian Bridal Necklaces – Kerala Version!

Traditional South indian necklaces
Kerala is known for splendid things like the backwaters, the beaches, ‘the lungi’ and the gold worn by the malayalee brides 😀 . I am sure that most of you would have at least heard or seen the amount of gold jewelry the Kerala bride wears. The tradition of wearing gold during weddings started during olden times daunting the south Indian bridal necklaces. Even after the introduction of modern designs, the traditional Kerala gold jewelry has its never-fading charm and beauty.
      As a proud native of ‘lungiland’ I thought of sharing my experiences too 😛 Like any Malayalee bride I too never had a choice to wear  single piece jewelry during the wedding (we wear the diamond set too along with the heavy gold jewelry 😛 ) During the wedding shopping I was very clear and particular that I will buy only Kerala traditional jewelry and not a single piece from the modern designs. In today’s bridal section I will share a couple of traditional bridal necklaces of Kerala you could choose from 😀
Mulla Mottu (Jasmine buds) Necklace: 
Mulla mottu (jasmine buds) Necklace: Mulla mottu (jasmine buds) Necklace:

Mulla mottu (Jasmine buds) Necklace

     This traditional necklace has a number of small gold petals across the necklace. It comes both in gold and also in a combination of gold and stones studded. I had the plain gold one and I wore it as long chain in the last row.

Lakshmi Mala (Necklace)  :
Lakshmi mala(Necklace)  :

Lakshmi mala (Necklace) :

   Like the name, Lakshmi necklace have a number of coins across the necklace with the idol of goddess Lakshmi encrypted on each coin. My mother in law gifted me a nice traditional Lakshmi necklace 😀
Palakka mala (Necklace): 
Palakka mala (Necklace):

Palakka mala (Necklace):

The Palakka Necklace is another traditional bridal necklace of Kerala. It is originally a combination of emerald and ruby. But the modern palakka mala  comes in more designs and fashion.
Nagapada thali: 
Nagapada thali:

Nagapada thali:

Nagapada thali is similar to palakka mala, just that the shape of the small pendants are different, Now a days the color and designs are getting widely modernized. I bought a Nagapada thali and skipped the palakka mala as they look almost similar.

Manga mala (Necklace)

Manga mala (Necklace)

Manga mala (Necklace)

 The manga mala consist of small paisely shaped pendants in the necklace.
Kaasu mala:
Kaasu mala:

Kaasu mala:

  In kaasu mala you will find lots gold coins are neatly arranged across the necklace.


Pathakkam is a chain with pendant, This is usually used as the first necklace in the layer in the wedding jewelry. The pendant will be stones studded or pure gold pendant.


   Poothali is another traditional necklace of Kerala.


   Karimanimala is a combination of gold and black beads. It’s almost similar to the north Indian mangalsutras.
And finally find the not so clear pic of my wedding jewelry 😛 😛
my wedding pic :D

My wedding jewelry 😀

These are some of the  traditional South Indian bridal necklaces used by the Kerala bride, there are jewelry items too. I will include the traditional earrings and bangles in my coming blog posts. And as usual anything you wanna add share do not forget to comment below.

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  1. theknotstory

    Go for it 😀 You get a lot of designs in manga maala.

    • theknotstory

      Thanks Harine 🙂 Even I love the kaasu mala 😀

  2. Manali

    Wow… you have some gorgeous jewelery on for your wedding… I have always been enticed by south indian gold jewelery… Thanks a lot for sharing this … now I knw exactly what I want for my wedding..the kaasu mala ;). Lovely blog by the way..

    Do check out my blog sometime…
    Manali recently posted…Story of the Little Black DressMy Profile

    • theknotstory

      THanks manali. I am so glad we could help you. We always love reading what our readers think of us 🙂 Do not forget to send me a pic of what you get for the wedding 😀 Sure will visit your blog. We love fashion tooo 😀

  3. Bonny

    Ur post made me nostalgic. I spent my childhood in Thrissur, Kerala…Right from childhood I used to get carried away by the amount of gold Malayali brides used to wear. Thankfully my Mom got made some Malayali jewellery back then from Kalyan jewellers. Thanks Mom. 🙂
    Bonny recently posted…May Mega Giveaway Announcement on Born BeautifulMy Profile

  4. Rakhee

    How do you arrange these necklaces together? Is it stitched onto the saree?

  5. Sheila

    Designs are beautiful but I don’t believe they were intended to be all worn at the same time. Each so beautiful on its own. Wearing them all together killed it for me!

  6. anitha

    well I always like kerala jewellery. Now that 1 gram gold jewellery in the market. I am hoping to buy in 1 gm gold. I am going to cochin next week, any idea where I can buy ?

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