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We happened to notice the newly opened branch of Soda Bottle Openerwala in DLF Mall of India, Noida. We have tried the famous Irani restaurants in Mumbai but not in Delhi ncr. As we love to try different cuisines we were excited to see SBOW here in Noida. We went and checked if there is table availabe and got the table after a 3 minutes wait. The interiors are quite interesting and quirky . You’ll feel as if you’ve visited an old Parsi home. The walls are decorated with family tree pictures, old phones, vintage typewriter and everything you find there will be vintage and rustic. We fell in love with the place. Next comes the Menu. We had fun time reading the menu, it’s all Parsi stuff mentioned 😀

Soda Bottle OpenerWala
Soda Bottle OpenerWala
Soda Bottle OpenerWala
Soda Bottle OpenerWala

Coming to the Food and beverages. We opted for Parsi falooda, Mava shake and cold coffee. Everything was spot on. Parsi falooda was our favorite which reminded us of the falooda in Mumbai local joints and we ordered the same thing when we visited them the second time 😀 Mava shake was delicious and heavy. The special Cold Coffee tasted how an authentic coffee should taste, they kept it simple and tasty.

Soda Bottle OpenerWala
Parsi falooda Mava shake

Coming to Food Menu, We wanted to try authentic Irani food. So we started with Bun maska. The bun served was freshly baked, soft and fluffy with load of fresh butter.

Bun maska
Bun maska

For main course we ordered mutton curry and paav. They serve all types of Indian bread too, but we wanted to stick to the cuisine 😀

We also ordered combo meal containing prawn Patio, Tarelo Machi, 2 paav, The reason why we ordered combo meal was just because the way they served it 😀 They served it  in a vintage tiffin carrier. The quantity was less when compared to a usual combo meal.

Soda Bottle OpenerWala
 Combo meal at SBOW
Soda Bottle OpenerWala
Combo meal @SBOW

Soda Bottle OpenerWala

Our favorite and the star item we found out was Parsi mutton masala roast which we ordered both the times we visited Soda Bottle OpenerWala. Mutton was well cooked with the right amount of spices and the slight tangy flavor made it taste yum. We would highly recommend mutton curry to anybody who visit Soda Bottle openerWala.

Soda Bottle OpenerWala
Parsi Mutton Masala

On the cost side Soda Bottle OpenerWala can be a bit heavy on pocket but it’s definitely worth a try, especially for foodies who love exploring different cuisines.

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6 thoughts on “Soda Bottle OpenerWala: For the love of Iranian Cuisine

  1. I love the decor. Falooda Yum 😀
    Most of the time these type of restaurants are bit heavy on pocket, but then these are all about experiences 🙂

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