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Admit it; you always love to fight with your siblings. It’s a rare scenario that you never had a disagreement with them. No matter how similar/different you are, you just love to fight. Honestly, I really cherish those moments now. We (me and my brother) thought that our parents loved him/me the more. I’m pretty sure many of us have experienced the same. I think we all had a presumption about the eldest, middle one and youngest one.

 Eldest Kid:

It isn’t necessary that you are always right. But when you are wrong try to admit it because younger ones are learning from you. We know you give loads of advice for their sake but let them live their life in their own way. They can learn from their mistakes, they don’t want to be over protected. It’s really irritating for them to see that parents always ask your opinion, but avoids theirs.

Don’t forget that you always get to use the new dress. You never had the horrible experience to use your elders dress, shoes etc. We pretty much enjoyed your weird old photographs when parents did their fashion experiments on you. 😛 I bet you have heard this comment often from your parents “you are older, so behave properly” 😀 . The best part of being an eldest kid is you are the most matured and independent one. You learn to forgive and forgets easily when it come to sibling rivalry. We younger ones will never admit, but honestly we all are really proud of you and want to be like you. After parents we feel like you are the important one in our life who has the authority to guide and lead us.


Middle Child:

No you are not the unwanted child. You always have the assumption that you are often unnoticed and ignored, but that’s not true. You are the most ambitious one among the siblings, you know your aims and goals, where you want to be and how to achieve it. Just let go off the pity complex and doubtful mind. Your outspoken character is often misinterpreted, but we like your “ I don’t want to impress anyone” attitude. Actually the younger ones are more close to you, because you don’t try to interfere much. You should know that you are lucky to have an elder sibling to support you and younger sibling to understand you 🙂


Youngest Child:

The demanding, irresponsible, adamant, most pampered one in the family. Your carelessness and rebel attitude can bring lot of irritation to the family. Try not to be dependent on others, and be responsible. For heavens sake stop using “So what” often. We know that you can’t handle the comment “learn from you elders”, but parents unintentionally try to compare, You should also know that you are grandparents favorite. You always get the best gift among all whenever someone comes home.I’m one among them 😉

Am not stereotyping any, so if you have different opinion, feel free to comment on it. Don’t forget to mention which one are you 😉

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43 thoughts on “Siblings: Which one are you?

  1. Aww! Thats so sweet to hear that younger ones look up to us (the elder ones) to lead them!
    I am sure my younger brother thought and felt the same way and till now calls me “di-momy” sometimes!
    Oh ..I am missing my home!!!!

    Beautiful post! :*

  2. Yups.. I remember how I used to get all the new dresses and uniforms every season, and then pass it on to my loveliest younger sister.. until one day when she got to understand ecstasy of wearing new clothes 😛 she no more accepted the old ones and demanded for a whole new wardrobe for herself.. 🙂 🙂 The best days ever !

  3. I’m the eldest kid and have seen both the good and bad. Good bz I have been most pampered and bad bz for the heck of setting an example I was always supposed to behave well.

  4. I am the youngest kid in the family and I totally agree with you that I was most pampered & irresponsible 🙂 🙂 . Even I am the youngest in my in-laws family too 🙂

  5. I’m the youngest and I had the worst thrashing at home. Also being the only girl in the family, my mum wanted me to be the perfect girl. Ok, adamant is quite right but the rest?? not applicable for me.

    1. ohh.. I think every mom wants their girl child to be perfect,she starts to train us from the day we are born so that we are perfect in our in laws home. hi hi hi 🙂

  6. I am the elder child of my parents as the one before me didn’t survive for even 2 days upon birth! My younger brother had to deal with the comparisons made in school or extended family as I was always a bright child! but yes I do saved him many times from getting scolded :-)) we both being leos had our share of tiffs but patched up eventually!
    Now after being married I enjoy being the youngest here! (lots of pampering!!)

    1. Arguing with brother and pulling his legs gives me so much pleasure.. :D, but its really great to have a brother. Its so much fun.

  7. haha good post! I am the middle child, have gone through everything you have written here But now i just laugh when i think of those cute times. Oh yes my li’l sis is very close to me and i kind of protect her still from my big B Bossy behaviour(which no way works on me though) 😀

  8. I’m the youngest in age but I’m more mature than my only other sibling. I’m more responsible and my parents trust me more. My elder sis is very loving and she’s never scolded me or anything, its the exact opposite, coz my parents expect me to discipline her 😛 My elder sis always buys me gifts! <3

  9. I’m the eldest kid but because I got no siblings except for cousins I get so much pampering. I’m like all three kinds of sibling intregated in one. Love this wonderful post……..

  10. being a only child i never experienced any of it.. other than some fights and adjustments with cousins and neighbor kids. But I was never pampered much… that helped me a lot to be independent 🙂

    1. That’s great , cos often a single child is considered as pampered and spoiled one. maybe that helped you to be an independent lady 😉

  11. I am the eldest one and yes I agree that we are such an advantage when it comes to certain things. We have to be constantly watchful of our actions as our younger siblings tend to emulate them but I also feel that we make things easier for them! If there’s some issue that you need to convince your parents about, you have already done the struggle, it is then a cake walk for the younger ones.. 😀 😀

  12. You reminded of my childhood days Jini. The bossy dominating elder one 😀 that’s me LOL! -Laks 😉

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