A short trip to Hogenakkal Falls

Last week we had a short trip to Vellore(Tamil Nadu) for a relative’s housewarming ceremony. Being heard a lot and as it was nearby Vellore we planned to visit Hogenakkal Falls. It wasn’t a planned trip and other than few information from friends and scenes from movies, we had no idea about the place.The waterfalls were just few hours drive from the place we were staying (120 kms). As we reached there we were very glad that the climate was apt for a picnic, neither sunny nor rainy, but a pleasant cloudy atmosphere.
Now what can I say about Hogenakkal Falls, I’m out of words to describe the beautiful waterfalls. You look anywhere around and you could just make “WOW”!!! No wonder, it is called ‘Niagra of India’.
Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of the waterfalls, you can take a nice dip in waterfalls, can have freshly caught fish dishes,a nice oil massage, coracles ride, pose for some amazing pics at the picture perfect places and what not.
Believe me, every nook and corner of the place is priceless. This is one such place which marvels us about the beauty of nature. The rock, the waterfalls, and the streams you could just blend in the nature forgetting about yourselves.

But, there is always a but in every good things, I was really disappointed by the way the tourists were treating the place, all the garbage’s are thrown into the river. It really hurts to see such a priceless place being mishandled with no proper garbage disposal rules. We can’t solely complain the authorities, tourist are also to be blamed..

Anyways I had a memorable time in Hogenakkal Falls ; my very first coracles ride was unforgettable, even though I din’t know swimming I decided to give it a try hoping that I won’t sink and I’ll comeback alive 😛 
PS: Roja movie’s “Rukkumani..” was shot there.. 😉 and lot more in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu and even Hindi movies01-2014-11-28 11.57.41
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14 thoughts on “A short trip to Hogenakkal Falls

  1. It is really so sad that we cannot treat such places nicely! We know only how to keep our houses clean! Such a sad story! 🙁

    But anyways gr8 to hear that u njoyed 🙂
    I would love to visit the place soon…also if you are in Bangalore someday do meet me 😛 🙂

    Loved the clicks!!!!!!!!
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