Shaadi Ke Side Effects – The Husband’s Version

Shaadi Ke Side Effects – The Husband's Version

Watching a movie like Shaadi Ke Side Effects is one of the best things to do on a Sunday, especially when  you can score some points without doing much.  Point’s I mean, against your wife 😛 The first scene of the movie itself made me happy. After the movie, the first thing which came to my mind is… Man!! I think I have sailed in the same boat somewhere along my journey 😛

For example “ the place where Vidya Balan says “Can’t you fall a little slowly”, now something similar happens with me, especially the day when I go to bed (late night) after watching a Champions League Match or any other Soccer match. She will be sleeping and I am entering after watching Soccer at 3 am and open the door. Creeeekkkkkkkk and she yells “Can’t you open the door a bit softer” *Facepalm*

There are certain other things which I follow to keep things smooth functioning, well  we have to live together till the end, Like that wasn’t obvious!

Change for good – Being a bachelor what I did and how I lived my life, I left some of it in the past and took only some for my life after marriage. Trust me some habits if left before you get married can ensure a lot of peace.

Be Happy & Stay Happy – Life after marriage involves lots of understanding and sacrifices… sacrifice some of the old likes like partying every day 😉

Early to work and Early back home –This is not an easy practice, not impossible though. I try to go a bit early and be back on time, keep the late working days lesser 😉 Result is you are still wrong, but marginally at a better rank 😀

Weekends – Weekends are supposed to be spent with family and hence I normally make sure whatever we plan for the weekend, we do it in a way that our family too enjoys, other than the weekend working at office. 😛

Shopping – Now this thing I am still trying to figure a way out. I now have plenty of idea about street shopping in Delhi for girls, which I never knew about and this too even when she ain’t that crazy a shopper. (Lucky me?) 😉

Having said that, Being a guy there are  little things which when taken care of can bring happiness and peace along with the warmth of Love.

Marriage is the beginning of a life where at times we have to sacrifice / manipulate our dreams & desires for something BETTER.

Oho! forgot this, There is no replacement for a Royal Enfield in a man’s life. Is there ??

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The techie and soccer maniac, an avid twitter user. Goes by the name @metalsaint. Lazy blogger and foodie who loves to write about travelling, reviews, (movie, restaurant, gadget etc) and yes very hardly working :P

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    • theknotstory

      Your right poo 😉 It’s ulta here he is a crazy shopping freak than I am 😛 😛

    • theknotstory

      it’s a husband’s post Sahana 😉 😉

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