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We love jewelry  and bracelets are our favorites, it need not be gold or diamond but we love anything which looks beautiful and suits the occasion. Trendy Seashell bracelets are perfect for beach weddings and beach parties.
 Have you ever thought that these beautiful bracelets come from the shells that left unnoticed at seashore. 
Whenever you go for a beach vacation you can find plenty of shops specially selling these pretty looking sea shells and coral jewelry, and you will only be confused on what to choose. It has always been a style statement. Mostly they aren’t costly if you know how to bargain from hawkers..
The best part is these funky  jewelry can be teamed up with most of the styles and color. Shells can be used to make bracelets, necklace, anklets , earring, dresses.. and what not. My favorite is always the bracelets. 😛
These are just wow!!!! Have a look at these beautiful bracelets.

seashell charm bracelet pink calico scallop (12) 255D264E phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg

celebrities who carried it well 😉

Hope you enjoyed all of it.
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