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It’s Friday!! , did this week run too slow? πŸ˜› . Winter cold is coming down and we could see day time temperature going up. Time flies so does our life. Wedding season is in full form and so is shopping. This is the beginning of the sale season. Have you guys prepared your shopping wishlist? We would like to add some more things to it if not already included.

Summer Sports & swim Β Wear – Stay fit and happy is the mantra everyone(including me πŸ˜€ ) should follow. Obesity & stress are causing too many diseases, even to the young crowd and hence it is a necessity to stay fit. For that you need to follow a workout regime or start playing some games Β regularly, going for swimming too is a great option. So sports wear shopping needs to be done without fail.

Sports Shoes – Sports wear is not just enough, you need sports shoes too. This sales season you can spend some money in buying sports shoes which may come costly otherwise. A good running shoes or gym shoes or Badminton shoes or Tennis shoes. Oh! You can try these in their respective shop & then buy online at a cheaper prize if possible.

Gym Equipments: Sale season is the best time to shop expensive gym equipments if you are planning to create your own gym at home.Β 

Bats, Balls, Rackets etc – Tennis rackets, Shuttle Badminton rackets, Squash rackets or any other stuff which is needed to play the game you play for fitness.

These are just some items, there are more which may depend on person to person. For example, I am looking for some good tripod and lenses for my Camera. Enjoy shopping the most, Loot Lo!!!

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