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The Old World retains its attraction, and even more so when we’re considering honeymoons. Europe is an incredibly vibrant place that encompasses a wide panel of cultures, languages and sceneries. Following are some places where romanticism meets fun and joie de vivre (Joy of living).

Paris, France
The City of Light has always been the foremost honeymoon spot on the globe, and deservedly so: Lively streets, statues, culture, fun activities and of course, wonderful cuisine. Paris has so much to offer. Couples can enjoy an open excursion boat along the Seine, lovely on a sunny day, to enjoy the architecture of the astounding buildings Paris is famous for.

Montmartre, a section in the north of the old town, is a very lively neighborhood where newlyweds will love to get lost in and try the gastronomy its many bistros and restaurants have available. Night life is plentiful in this neighborhood, as we are reminded by the 1999 movie “Amelie”. Culture is all around, and museums like the Louvre and Orsay display a wide array of world-renowned paintings in the most romantic of settings.

Venice, Italy
Venice is by far the world’s most popular honeymoon selection: The bridges and waterways and the architecture in particular, which have received wide coverage in movie circles are sufficient cause to want to go there for a romantic trip. There are, however, lots of different ways to really see the city and the whole region, and not just for a honeymoon.

The exquisite cuisine is one of the main attractions, especially in breathtaking places like the Piazza di San Marco. One may visit Venice for its art, historical background, or just because culture saturates this beautiful city. It’s so simple to visit everywhere by walking, by booking a gondola tour, or going to the many museums. Include a tour of the markets and you’ve got the ideal honeymoon spot.atks

The Santorini Volcano, Greece
This archipelago glories in the beauty and cultural pull that is typically associated with Greece. The Santorini volcano, which at one time was thought to harbor the vestiges of Atlantis, is located amidst inspiring Mediterranean backdrops and many humble Greek settlements. Opportunities for relaxation and cultural immersions alike are easily found in Santorini and allow you to enjoy the full range of pleasures on your honeymoon.

A variety of beaches are a short walk or can be reached by bus; be sure to linger at least once can enjoy the magnificent sunset on the ocean or from your table on a patio. Archeological remains are also enlightening, not to forget the volcano’s crater, which can be accessed by tourists, even though it is still active. It is the ultimate Greek experience, and potentially the most romantic locale in the Mediterranean.

Prague, Czech Republic
Found in the heart of the Czech Republic, Prague is considered by some as Eastern Europe’s most precious jewel, both for its cultural context and its vibrant lifestyle. The Old Town is without questions the city’s most visited part of town; it has survived many eras of diverse history and is saturated with must-see places like the Old Town Square and the Old Synagogue.atks1


Most famous tourist attraction of Europe, a Spanish city which offers you a numerous attractions like tasty cuisines, friendly locals, attractive landscapes , beaches, many sightseeing attractions, Culture which is rich in ancient and modern day life. City has rich with modernist churches, buildings, museums and many more. This place will be more crowded with visitors.You can explore this best city and also many it offers many best things for couples with rich city life culture and shopping.

As you can see Europe offers a variety of places to honeymoon that are unique, rich in history, and beautiful. This is the perfect destination for any couple looking for a little adventure and a honeymoon that isn’t like everyone else’s.

Guest post by Emily:

Auther Bio: Perpetually bitten by the travel bug, Emily has travelled across twenty places in world India, Switzerland, Italy and Paris. She shares her experiences best through writing, photography and blogging. She engages in all types of outdoor adventure, explores the local way of life, listens to stories strangers tell her and is a firm believer of serendipity and constant change. She presently working for ESTA which provides a visa service to Turkey.


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55 thoughts on “Most Romantic insights of Europe for your Honeymoon

  1. wow I love all of these places, I visited most of them! I think Paris is the best place for honeymoon! I want visit Santorini soon, its a wonderful island. Prague and Venice are beautiful cities, but for me only for excursions!

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