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           We at times ask this question, some people ask this too often. There is no proper answer to this. Your destiny is what takes you here and till date there is no way to change One’s destiny. Rather than fighting against destiny and cribbing about it, try to get used to it, plan a bit better. Oh! Don’t think too much, I am talking about finding the right house for rent 😀

Renting a house; it’s not just about money, there are more things you need to check before renting out/finding  house for rent. I am a vagabond who left home 12 years back and since then i have stayed in different cities, different kind of houses and spent a huge amount as rent. In the beginning it was difficult to find a decent house at a reasonable price especially when it is located in one of the prime locations.


Renting a House; It's not just about money
Renting a House; It’s not just about money

Being a bachelor, I managed that too. Neighbors,surroundings, safety etc was last things to think. But things changed when I was about to get married. So finding a  house for rent is not at all easy, especially when you are in a metropolitan city or place like Delh-Ncr. There are many factors other than just the rent of the house.

Renting a House; It's not just about money
Renting a House; It’s not just about money

How to Start the Hunt?

Use the most powerful tool in the world combined with the technology, I am talking about internet & gadgets. There are plenty of websites where you can search for a house. Option 2 is the costly option, broker. Now, you need to find the right broker or else you will end up loosing money and not getting a good home. Even when you are house hunting through internet, just check if the person who has posted the ad is a genuine person or a broker. Also, try to find out if anyone in your office or friends circle know about any houses on rent waiting for a tenant, that way you may get a better deal.


Ensure you take a house in a centrally located but residential area, rather than staying close to your work place which is a deserted place. Access to shops, transportation is always a priority (even if you have your vehicle) Water, Electricity availability is important for metro cities

Safety: You may get cheap independent houses, but go for a decent apartment / flat. This will add a bit to security since no society sends strangers inside unless permitted by the tenant staying there. Make sure that it is not a apartment where only few flats are occupied. Apartment should not be in a deserted area, saving money staying in a deserted area can turn out too costly later.


Cleanliness, the first and most important thing to keep in mind while looking for a house.. When talking about the leasing of apartment, ensure the owner is going to provide you a clean and neat apartment. Electrical fittings, plumbing work etc need to be verified before renting out. Gas connection and furnishings (cup boards, wardrobe, bureau etc) should be checked.

Renting a House; It's not just about money
Renting a House; It’s not just about money

Owner: One of the most important thing while apartment hunting is go for a house owned by a decent guy. It ain’t easy, but try to understand how good is the owner. A good owner means more happiness, less hassles & a feeling of own home. House Renting deal should be documented in the form of agreement / lease deed. This is important 1) Tax deduction 2) Avoid surprise rule changes by owner. Better if the owner is not a person who visits you often. Otherwise you will get to feel like privacy invasion.

The House:

Go for a house of your dreams, it may be a rented house but you should feel like your own. Size doesn’t matter, facilities and ambience do. A house with a private terrace is is always a bumper prize (we are staying in one 😉 ) Avoid top floor if possible, this is to escape from heavy winters & summers. Check if there is parking for your car/bike.

Financial Dealing: Rental Agreement should be made between the tenant & owner on a Stamp pamper in front of a notary. This will server as address proof until you are staying there. Make sure that every small detail (how many fans, lights other stuff, date on which the rent should be given etc)is present in the agreement. Never delay the payment of rent and try to do it via internet banking / cheque since that gets documented & act as a proof. Any repairs/ maintenance work carried out can be discussed with owner and managed in that month’s rent or any other way.

Rental Agreement Renewal: Some brokers who helps you in renting house charges you for renewal of agreement. They are not cheap, but they charge atleast a month’s rent or half a month’s. You don’t have to do that, you can approach the owner and renew the agreement. In the end, the deal is between you both.

Renting a House; It's not just about money
Renting a House; It’s not just about money

These are some things which I know based on my last 12 years experience 😀 Life is all about learning and sharing knowledge, experiences, stories and living the moment. Enjoy the weekend and Let us know if you have any question about leasing a home. 🙂 PS: Don’t forget to watch Fifa 2014 match tonight 😛

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16 thoughts on “Renting a House; It’s not just about money – Tenant’s Story

  1. really a much needed post because houses and accommodations remain a ignorant topic..everybody enjoys the festivities … agreements are so important to be read carefully!

  2. My boyfriend and I started living together when we went to college and now years later we still rent. I wish we could buy. But we can’t. I feel that every month that we pay rent we’re throwing away money that we could invest in the future.

    1. your are so right! we too are doing the same, just throwing away the money which we could invest 🙁

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