Are you ready boys, Summer is Here

Summer is officially here folks, time to do some home work and be prepared. Summer is not so welcome, I don’t like the sweaty and stinky weather, but this is the time where you do not have to roam around packed in woolen, jackets etc so that’s fine. This is the time where you can wear all cool funky tshirts, shorts & shades. So are you ready boys, summer is here, welcome it in style.

I was going through my summer checklist and thought I will share with you.

Its time to get your shorts out for there is nothing better than a pair of shorts while going out on weekends. If you are planning to buy rethink, may be you can cut your old jeans and make it a nice Cut-Off shorts 🙂 Cotton shorts are comfy for the summer and if they are cargo styled then nothing like that.

Sun Glasses
This is one thing you never should forget in summers. A cool shade is always good to see. if buying a new one go for Aviator or wayfarer, Make sure that is the best one which suits you

Are you ready boys, Summer is Here
Are you ready boys, Summer is Here

Dig in your wardrobe and get all the cool t’s out and the  sleeveless ones too. Weekends are incomplete without a pair of shorts,  tshirt a sunglass & a Mug of Beer.

Sun Screen :
This is for the people who are going to be roaming in the sun, unintentionally 😛 You know the girls just wont stop dragging me to shopping. To escape from the scorching heat, it is better to use sun screen.

On a lazy weekend you can wear this instead of a sneaker, well obviously with your shorts 🙂

Stock Water
Summer means lots & loads of water consumption. Drinking not enough water can lead to dehydration and for saving water it’s always good to have Beer 🙂 While going out, make sure to carry water, especially while travelling in your own vehicle.

Anonymous : Weekends are incomplete when there is no beer or Soccer.

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