Quiet is Comforting and Bose QC35 is Quiet – The best Noise Cancellation Hands-free Headphones

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Every time I travel on a long flight I have the same problem, noise. Be it listening to music or watching a movie or even while sleeping, the constant terrible disturbing humming of the big flight. Every long flight travel I did, I was able to sleep approx 3-4hrs only on a stretch. I have to stick to the movies and other options to keep myself sane throughout the long haul that too with the background noise playing in my ears. While planning the recent trip, I decided, its time to buy a good headphone, not just any headphone but one with Noise cancellation. That is a big statement as the cost itself goes high. The maths is simple, If decent normal headphones cost 30$, then a good noise cancellation one costs 200$ plus. Everyone will be thinking about the question why spend 200 when you can get it at 30$?

You know the feeling. The kind you get when the rest of the world melts away and you’re transported to a place where it’s just you and your music. That is what Noise cancellation is in simple “Bose” terms. You know the pioneers in Noise cancellation, right? Whenever someone says Noise cancellation, I hear Bose and I am a big fan of them. I am a regular user of Bose in-ear headset and other than the headphone jack irritation in iPhone, it always keeps me happy in normal scenarios 😀

Anyone who travels a lot and listens to music or watches movies during travel might have faced the issue of outside hijacking your ears. The second thing which irritates the most is the tangled wires or long wires which are connected to these. A wireless noise cancellation headphone is a boon to the travelers. So I had a wireless headphone, without noise cancellation and used to work for 4-5hrs per charge. Now that is not helping me on my trips, I want something which has noise cancellation, battery backup, and no wires. I knew several options and while looking at them I saw the Bose QC series. What astonished me more was the Bose QC 35 leads the market by integrating Google’s Virtual Private Assistant into the headphones’ features as the first ever audio headphone manufacturer to do so. You don’t have to check your phone for reading emails or text messages or make a call. All you have to do is Press & hold the action button and talk to your assistant to do it for you, yeah! Posh right? Also, the multi-function button continues to offer access to your phone’s default virtual assistant, like Siri for iOS users.

Bose QC35 is the perfect headphone which anyone who loves to keep the traveling interesting will look for with the Bluetooth 4,2 connectivity & google vpa. Not just for travel, the best way to find your inner peace in the middle of a crowded train, or crowded street, or any noisy place or even talk to someone on phone or attend a conference call when you are out on the crowd sipping beer, Power on the QC35 and you will be in the ambiance you wanted. It’s just not the Noise cancellation or the voice assistant which made me add this to my wishlist, but the long lasting battery (approx 20hrs) and the option of quick charge which means 15mnt charge and you get 2.5hrs uninterrupted listening time which is awesome.

Anyone who doesn’t know what a Bose headset is like, it is the perfect headphone where you get to hear all the little musical bits and instruments crystal clear irrespective of what volume and environment are you listening to. It doesn’t hamper the music quality even with the noise cancellation On or when you listen with volume min or max and that is why this will be the perfect travel companion or a performer in noisy places. You can sleep with this on your ears with the noise cancellation on playing some smooth instrumental even when you are in the middle of a crowded street.

Its the first item on my wishlist. Gift me a QC35 or I am gonna buy it soon and incase if you guys want to checkout about this Fairy do it ASAP

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2 thoughts on “Quiet is Comforting and Bose QC35 is Quiet – The best Noise Cancellation Hands-free Headphones

  1. Bose QC35 is quiet, you can hear all the little musical bits and instruments very clear. if I had to describe in one word Bose QC35, that would be – perfect! There is no one single flaw! I’m really pleased with this headphone, I would recommend them to everyone. How many of us use these headphones?

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