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Some of us might be having a car at home while many others will be planning to buy their first car. Not everyone can buy a new car and so they will be looking for a used car which can be used over a period of time. Some want a Suv or muv as they have a small car now. Whatever be the reason, finding the right car is a sweet pain for the buyer while as a seller, it is more difficult to sell a car. You may not be a person who is dealing with automobile sales, still you can manage to sell your car by your own. Let see how to sell cars in Kolkata.

How to advertise?
If you sell your used car directly instead of selling through an agent you will be earning more as you don’t have to pay the mediator. Without a middleman / agent, you can sell the car directly by uploading the necessary information on buying/selling sites. The only thing to be careful about is how you are dealing with the buyer in person and completing the transaction. If you are selling a car you need to finish the sale by completing the paper work and the car ownership will be transferred to the new owner.

Like any other metropolis, if you have a car for sale in Kolkata, you need to share a number of details with the prospective buyer

Make, Model, year of manufacturing, Kilometers/miles done, petrol/diesel, capacity, engine capacity and fuel average.

The essential Research:

Once you upload the necessary information of the vehicle to be sold, you can then add description with some pictures supporting the same. This will give the potential buyer more clarity. For a city like Kolkata, you can always add details such as the car was used for what kind of runs. Which area you used to commute the most and about the average fuel consumption based on driving in different parts of Kolkata (this is very important).



The user:

It is important to write about who used to use this car. Whether it’s a youngster, a lady, a middle aged man, someone who lives over seas etc.

Test Drive:
You an ask the potential buyer do a test drive before buying. This way when he goes for a test drive, you can sit with him and tell him about your driving habits or a bit about how you drive. This doesn’t mean you should advice him or pressurize him, but just make him feel that it is good for for him if he drive the car like the way you used to for good miles per litre, long life and comfy travel. Atlast, a person who drove a car is better than the creator of the car to comment about how good it is to drive a car.

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