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We have written about many places and travel stories. This time it is not about places or attractions, but about how to travel in India. If you are an Indian, you know this but someone who is coming from a different country need to know about these.Β We are from India and we thought to help you in planning a trip to India.


In India, you can choose between Air, Rail or Road. Now not every place is connected by Air while most of the places are connected by rail and you can travel by road to anywhere. The cheapest of the lot will be rail journey which can be costlier if you want it that way πŸ˜‰train1

There are some things which you need to understand.
For reserving a ticket through Indian railways ticketing website, you need to have a Indian Cell phone number, if you do not have this then no use. Normally it is not easy to get train tickets in peak travel season. So one thing is if you know someone in India, ask them to help else you need to talk to a local travel agent who can do the reservation at a lower cost or travel in general compartment Or Book flight tickets.INDIA-KASHMIR-SOCIETY-RELIGION-WOMEN-FILES

There are big discounts in air tickets often and you can check out the travel sites like Cleartrip, makemytrip, yatra, skyscanner etc Check if these sites accepts International Credit Cards. When booking tickets, make sure you book through some good local airline. Indigo, Spicejet are two local carriers which provide decent service. Indigo is the best considering the punctuality and the inflight food. I personally prefer Indigo for travelling inside India. After Indigo, then Spicejet & Go Air are decent. Jetairway’s also operates domestic travel, but they are below par considering the above ones.
AirAsia has also started operating in India. They are not operating to everywhere, but they provide the cheapest fare to whichever place they have flights.


Be it air, rail or road the cost depends on what way you want to travel too. Business class in flight, First class in train, A good road journey in a good vehicle all are costly, so how to choose the right one? It ain’t simple, but do some research on the connectivity between places at the best price and time saving. Some places are known for scenic beauty and you may have to use a train or road journey to enjoy the same, So go for it. No point in thinking too much about time & money since the experience matters more. Also, remember one thing, Road journeys in India means a bit of adventure πŸ˜€ . You don’t have those 6 lane roads everywhere, you may be going on a single lane road winding up the hills with two way traffic. Yes, it is not easy to drive here, but the scenic beauty in these roads are awesome. So when you calculate the cost, please consider what you are going to see & what you wanna miss.india1



You don’t have to book in a 3 star of Five star hotel every time, you can also go for stuff like AirBnB. That seriously is a good option for finding good places to stay. Most of the hosts are good and they will help you with some local help. Incase if you are using a travel site, use one of the best in domestic travel because they can actually do better than cheap ones.


Last but not the least, respect the people and culture. People in India are still a bit reserved and they follow in rituals and other things. So never go against their beliefs and rituals, because it may cause problem in future. The more good you are with the locals, the more they are going to help you. Trust me, Indians are good at helping. Also dress a bit smart, you can wear Β mini shorts and skirts etc in places like goa, but while travelling better to wear Jeans, harem pants, leggings, knee length shorts t-shirts, or something similar and comfortable. Weather can play spoil sport be it summer or monsoon or winter. Plan properly else you may be wasting your money and falling sick during your vacation. Do not try street food from anywhere or everywhere, be smart use social media and figure out the best eateries in the places you go or use zomato or burrp, this will help you in figuring out good eateries and right cuisine.

These tips are to make your travel easier in every ways. “There is an old saying when you to go to a land where people eat snakes, choose the center piece” this applies when you go to a different country. πŸ™‚ Enjoy India, Incredible India.

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