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After the great amount of joy and surprise due to the proposal sinks in, it is time to plan an engagement party. Some people might find this to be a really difficult and stressful task that might cast a shadow over the important moment of proposal but the truth is everything can be organized perfectly if you manage to calm yourself down and plan everything carefully.

Opt for two parties

Most often, parents of the future bride and groom want to hold a formal engagement party for the close family members while the bride and groom to be usually wish to have a casual fun with their friends. In order to avoid stress and some arguments with the family, it is best to decide on two parties, one for the family and one for the friends. That way you will also have two different hosts that can help you with party preparations.8fc0d0cb-ef9c-4c1f-a694-f5d57cfa90c0

Set the date

While you may allow your parents to host an intimate family gathering to celebrate your engagement soon after proposal, leave some time before you start planning going all out for a big engagement party with your friends. Not only will you have more time to savor the feeling of being proposed and loved so much but you will also be able to think about necessary details regarding the party, such as guest list, party theme, etc.

Consider the budget

With wedding coming up there are lots of expenses that need to be covered so do not spend needless amounts of money on engagement party. Moreover, the person who will host your party will have to take care of some of the finances too so do not forget to discuss this matter with the person in charge so that you can reach an agreement on what is acceptable to spend on the engagement

Think up the style and formality

Deciding on the level of formality for the engagement party is very important so that you can inform your guests on the appropriate attire, choose your own, and, of course, pick a matching location for the party. There is no rule that determines how formal a wedding should be, let alone an engagement party, so you can really pick whatever suits your tastes and plans for that day. From very casual fun time with friends at your favorite pub or backyard to formal reception at a restaurant – it is all up to you. Still, if you decide to go for something more formal, make sure to book the restaurant in advance.bf8189a6-6888-4705-8b7e-101f67cc0a51

Plan the guest list and send invitations

Guest lists for engagement party should be carefully made. There is an unwritten rule that says that you should not invite people to your engagement party if you do not plan to call them on your wedding. So, if you desire a small and intimate wedding do not invite a bunch of people to celebrate engagement to avoid any hurt feelings afterwards. Of course, if you still have not decided on the size of your wedding, there is no place for worrying – simply invite your closest friends and family for the engagement celebration that you are sure you will also invite to the wedding. Moreover, engagement invitations do not have to be as elaborate as wedding invitations and they do not have to match the theme of your party perfectly. If you have time before the party, you can even design your own fun invitations. Depending on the number of people you are going to invite and taking into account their whereabouts, send out invitations in time.timmy_tammy_engagement_a6_vertical_in_fire_engine_279876-p1

Decide on the menu

Again, the menu completely depends on your own personal taste. If munches and beer are something that you, your partner and your friends enjoy and love the most, go for it. Another great idea for a casual engagement party is barbecue. On the other hand, if you want something more out of your engagement party, start deciding on the food choice as soon as possible. You do not have to serve a five-course elegant dinner, but the guests should never have to feel hungry.

The time between a proposal and a wedding can be very magical and fun if approached in a right way. So, above else, value your love and friendships, ask for advice, spend time with people you care for and enjoy the party preparations.

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