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Everybody wants to take a break from their hectic life once in a while, that’s why tour and leisure trips are for. Traveling with family is fun, but imagine the excitement when it’s with your best friends especially a girls only trip. Yeah I can see the sparkle in your eyes. 😀 Spending few hours with your best friends is the best way of rejuvenation, may it be shopping, hanging out, dinner, gossiping.. then imagine the fun spending whole weekend with them. AWESOME!!!! If you think only college girls or spinsters can go out for a trip, then you are wrong. Indeed mothers are leaving back their children at home with husband or family. It’s like break free from their role as mother, wife, daughter to spend some special time just for herself.

Girls only trip
Girls only trip

When you are planning a girls only trip you have to be extra cautious especially in the matter of safety.
• Try to plan the trip well in advance. Avoid last minute confusions and changes.
• Make a thorough research about the hotels/resorts you are going to stay. If possible get the details from acquaintances regarding the place you are staying.
• The more the number of friends the better the fun, At least try to get a minimum of 3-4 friends.
• Go for a good reputed stay rather than cheaper ones.
• As you don’t have husband/brother/Boy-friend to carry your luggage, try to travel light 😛
• As soon as you enter your room speed check for a hidden cameras. Make a call from that room walking around and if you hear any disturbance in the line have a thorough check or else switch off the lights and cover the room with curtains, let it be dark then switch on the camera of your phone without flash and just look through the room if you see any red light, you know where the camera is. (Not to scare you guys, but there are a lot of incidents reported recently)
• It’s advisable to wear modest dress; you don’t want unwanted attention and chaos to spoil your fun trip, right?
• Try to get the contact number of any acquaintance in that city or locality. Or nearest police station number
• Try to reach back hotel/ resort before dusk(not talking about Goa 😉 )
• Don’t forget to carry pepper spray, Swiss knife or at least chilly powder in your hand bag…
• Beware of the chatterbox in your group, knowingly or unknowingly they can impart a lot of knowledge to strangers.
• Be extra cautious as its girl’s only trip. All the responsibility will be on us. So do and think wisely.

If you are well planned, this trip can be a memorable one. You will cherish all those moments forever. So when are you planning????? 😉

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