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I love Biriyani, infact I haven’t seen many people who doesn’t like Biriyani. The place I hail from is famous for Biriyani, Malabar biriyani. I am so used to the mouth watering taste of Malabar Biriyani that its very difficult for me to like any other Biriyani even the most famous ones. Infact there are few places which serve good biriyani. In Indirapuram, I heard about a place called “Petu ki Biriyani”. The reviews were solid and I thought I should give it a try. I am not a big fan of lucknowi biriyani, atleast the ones I had tried till date. I thought I will give it a try and so I called “Petu ki biriyani”

The person who attended the call explained me that it will take more than an hour to deliver the order. I was like, Wow! That is too much time, but why? He told me that they will start the ‘dum’ process only after receiving the orders. So I placed order for 3 Biriyani. 2 chicken and one Mutton biriyani. After an hour or so we got the delivery. I was surprised seeing the parcel. The delivery person asked me to hold the cover straight as the biriyani is in the Earthern Pot (clay vessel) . Wow! That Impressed me, infact presentation is something which most restaurants don’t care about while home delivery . Petu ki Biriyani impressed me with the Class presentation.

petu ki biriyani
The first glimpse

I removed the covers of Biriyani’s and I was like..OMG, this is going to be awesome. We all became impatient after opening  the aluminium foil as the smell of spices and chicken was unbearable and we wanted to hog  it as soon as possible 😀 . We were not wrong, the biriyani tasted real yummy. The best biriyani I had in Indirapuram area till date. There were raita too, but Biriyani was the winner here. Man, the smell of biriyani compliments the taste and this is very important atleast for me 🙂 It took some minutes and we were done. Quantity was normal, one biriyani is good for one person who eats well. There were 2 pieces of chicken and they were random pieces (not just leg pieces). We were happy with our order and petu ki biriyani impressed us with the service, the presentation, the quality and yumminess.

petu ki biriyani
petu ki biriyani


petu ki biriyani
petu ki biriyani

Apart from biriyani,Petubrothers offers tiffin services too. If you go to, You can see the variety of tiffin’s with details about the dishes in each tiffin. They provide tiffin services for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Since we love biriyani, we haven’t tried anything else from their restaurant till now. They do serve kebabs, some yummy side dishes, rolls and parantha’s too.

You can actually order biriyani from this place if you are having a house party etc. You will love it and your guest are also going to love it. Make sure you order a little early since they put DUM on biriyan only after they receive orders and hence it takes minimum 1hr. So better to order a bit early If you want to dine at 9ish.

petu ki biriyani
petu ki biriyani

They deliver in Indirapuram, vasundhara Vaishali and Noida

Website –

Order Online –

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