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Our country with the rich and varied culture, heritage places, historical monuments and nature’s beauty make it the Incredible India. This is why lot of people visit our country and keep visiting again and again. India have close to 7 million visitors every year. Go to any tourist place in India and you will see a rush there. This ain’t the rush of visitors, but ‘the other guys’. Have you ever been to Taj Mahal? When you are there to see and feel the beauty of Taj Mahal, ‘the other guys’ have bigger plans. ‘The other guys’ are the ones who tries to make Incredible India a terrible one.

We had been to Taj Mahal several times. Call it the advantage of living in Delhi-Ncr. We have always felt a bit bad about things seen there.

1) No Manners: It starts from the parking lot. You can see people blocking your way, unevenly parked cars and the unwanted traffic block caused by the electric scooters, the horse carts and camel carts, hawkers and what not.
There is a line for ticket and you can see the smart asses there trying to take ticket without standing in line. After that you can see similar scene for the queue for entering to Taj Mahal.

Incredible India
Do not spit

Worse than this happened when we came back to parking after Taj visit. There was one car parked right in front of our car and we couldn’t leave because they had parked it with the Parking brake on. We had to struggle for more than an hour to get our vehicle out . He/she could have parked it in a better way so that they are not blocking our way. This was not just an instance, but I was able to here from people there that this is a common scene in parking.Being an Indian we are getting irritated, think about our guests? 

2) No Respect : People spit everywhere, litter everywhere and talk about cleaning India. To keep India clean, stop littering and spitting here and there.
No respect for the people who are there to ensure that you are safe. No one likes security personnels checking the bags and saying “NO” for carrying banned stuff inspite of understanding the fact that they are doing this for our safety, I could see the so-called educated sophisticated lot swearing and shouting at them for doing their duty. Even when they are there for spending time, they do not like a bit more time taken for Security check.

3) The Other guys:
You might be thinking who these people are? Let me share our experience.
We had a visit to Fatehpur sikhri last weekend. We were in the parking lot and were supposed to take a bus to Fatehpur Sikhri palace. The moment our driver parked the car there were some people who voluntarily came to inform us that there are no bus services to the palace since there was a procession related to a festival. Apparently one among them turned out to be a guide and he told he will show us the places including taking us to the palace, entry tickets and back in an Auto for 200INR. That is not a big amount and sounded like a good deal. We agreed and they showed us an Auto Rickshaw. We got inside and then we saw a new guy sitting in the Rickshaw instead of the guide who spoke to us. The first guy told us that this new guy will show us the places.

Incredible India
Fatehpur Sikri

We reached on the top and got down from the rickshaw. We walked for 100 meters and the guide showed us a big gate and some steps to climb to reach there. He explained us about the gate and significance. We had to remove the footwear outside and as per guide’s instruction we kept it with a guy who was there to guard the footwear & it is free. We went inside and this guide started talking about the places inside and offerings that need to be done, nothing informative though.

After sometime we realized he was marketing about the different ways to spend money there. He wanted us to spend money there which we said No. He showed us the Dargah and told to go inside and then come out take our footwear from where you left and the go to the other gate to see the palace.He wanted us to play INR100 so that he can leave and he doesn’t wanted to come with us to the palace since it takes more than 30mnts to see the whole place. We told him that this is unfair but still we paid him.
After that when we went to take the footwear that guy wanted us to pay and said it aint free. The guide who was with us told it is. Also we didn’t see the guide pay any entry fee anywhere. We lost our good mood there, felt cheated and felt like fools. The worst part was the time was already 4:30 and when we reached the palace, the closing time was 5:00pm. We took tickets entered the place just to get a feel of the beautiful palace. Each one of us was blaming on self for agreeing to the guide and wasting time hearing his marketing & sales skills while the place to be seen and spent time was the palace.

We came out of the palace since it was closing time and we saw the Bus which they said was not running. We lost our cool there and we wanted to revenge by not to taking the auto rickshaw and paying the remaining 100INR. We walked back and got into our car and started our journey back.

Being an Indian, I felt bad and angry about what happened with us and the first thing we thought about is the way these “The other guys” are stealing money from foreigners. Incidents like this are the ones which change the tagline to Terrible India from Incredible India. Let us be the change and try to be an example for a Incredible India by not littering, not spitting & peeing in public place, by standing in queue, by being patient and showing respect to others. By being a good human who is a representative for Incredible India.

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25 thoughts on “When people make Incredible India Terrible – The other guys

  1. I second you on it..We should be good, and do good… Be sensible while we do things.. And help achieving India and Indians what they want to..

  2. This is the real fact and its everywhere. People are corrupt and do anything for money. I have been wondering how much soul cleaning we need before we even start with our surroundings. Being a girl you are afraid to even step out and not a day goes by without hearing some lews remarks. Culture is lost to the winds if you ask me.

    1. I get what you mentioned in the comments. we are definitely not gong to the right direction. Hope everything goes fine one day 🙂

  3. I completely agree with you! Unfortunately, people are the representation of their country. And the worst part is, tourists only get to interact with such crooks. Sigh. Giving India a bad name..tsk!

  4. I agree with you.. At most of the tourist places this is the same story..misguiding and lootofying the money.. rather people should be honest,helping and welcoming.. sorry about your Experience Laks

  5. I think you have situations like this in any touristic place, really, but it’s a real shame that some people can really ruin the experience for others because of their behavior.

  6. i can just imagine how these ppl might loot the tourist coming from abroad when they don’t spare their fellow citizens.. we can at least argue with them, the tourist face the language barrier and all these cheats then act hands in glove to further dismay!

    1. Infact we even saw a foreigner girl who got annoyed With them. These guys are just spoiling our culture and and name

  7. It’s horrible ! Every traveller have such bad experience in life while they are visiting travelling village or place. I also have bad experience while i visiting Mathura which is situated In UP(uttar pradesh). Just want to share. When i visit mathura we take a guide for visit every place of mathura. But guide take us at the place which are not actually have any value rather than exact place to visit. He bring us to near by 50 temples and ask to put money in box. As every indian temple has money box. We feel like he have contract with them. so he force us to visit unnecessary place in mathura. It’s to horrible. We have to take care about all this silly things. And parking issue its weird. I also have same experience while i am visiting india. But its not like that every people are not doing such nonsense things to make some money from strangers. They help us and guide exactly with clear and clean history. I remember guide name Shrikant he is great person. Enjoy so much. Thanks for sharing your experience with to visit fatehpur sikri. Ohh sorry to forget i want to share one experience with you which surely laugh you a lot. When i am on the way to fatehpur sikri in car. there are some people with black beer. Covered front driver door with beer. And driver is outside car to negotiate with them. But they demanding money they said that you give us 100 rs then and then you are go ahead from here. Our local guide out from car and slap beer and say some nonsense word to them. Ha ha ha ha … thanks.

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