Easy Paal Payasam: Recipe

A full course meal is never complete without a dessert. There are some people (like my brother 😛 ) who like to hog dessert in a full course meal ignoring rest of the food. lol! He can just have sweet all day, only thing is by evening he’ll be high on dessert and prefer to have a nap. 😀 Its recipe day and we have the most simple dessert recipe here: Paal payasam / Rice pudding. Don’t panic by the name guys, it’s a south Indian version of our kheer. a lighter version maybe. I mean to say North Indian kheer is a thicker version of paal payasam. 

No further confusion, let me share the recipe with you guys.

Rice: 1\4 cup (short grain basmati rice would be best soaked for 30 minutes)
Milk: 1 litre (Whole cream milk would be best)
Sugar: 1\4 cup (little less or more depending on your taste)
Cardamom powder: 1\4 teaspoon
Cashew: 4-5 Nos
Raisins: 4-5 Nos
Almond: 4-5 Nos


  • Boil milk in a pressure cooker.
  • Once the milk starts boiling, add soaked rice and close the cooker.
  • Cook it in low flame till first whistle and switch off the gas.
  • Now once the pressure goes off; open the cooker, add sugar and cardamom powder, dry fruits.
  • Again close the cooker & cook in low flame.Wait for one or two whistle.
  • Turn off gas and let it cool. Open and see if paal payasam is in your desired consistency.
  • If you need a thicker version cook and reduce the milk again


Like kheer, paal payasam can be served hot or cold.
Cardamom powder, almonds are optional according to your taste.
Cashew and Raisins and be roasted in ghee before adding into the paal payasam

Now since the recipe is here, do not forget to try & let us know the response you received for the paal payasam you cooked.

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