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Being brought up in a humid land, summers were never a big deal for us. We were aware of just two seasons in Kerala; summers and monsoons. Summers were humid while monsoons are cold and cozy, the time we kids enjoy the most. My life in Delhi introduced me to the chilling winters and dry and scorching summers. All these years we never used to change our food habits as per climate. We follow the same routine the whole year. After shifting to Delhi apart from changing my closet every season our food habit too changed. We need to have a good routine to survive the scorching summer.

Our summer diet tips to survive and beat summer heat:


  • Replace your morning tea/coffee with fresh juices or milk shakes. Try to avoid canned juices as they are high in sugar and have preservatives. For a healthier version of smoothies try my cucumber smoothie recipes (here).
  • Include loads of fruits and salads in your diet. A bowl of fresh fruits for breakfast and salads along with your lunch and dinner will be great.
  • Increase the intake of water during summers. Don’t let your body to dehydrate. Have atleast 3 litres of water for better health. Keep a bottle of water when you step out of home.
  • Include fruits and vegetable which has high water content and which cool your body. Eg: watermelon, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, muskmelon, lauki, sprouts etc
  • While planning parties include yoghurt, buttermilk, lassi, fresh fruit juices etc instead of aerated and sweetened drinks. Limit alcohol in summers, chilled beer can be a replacement( for those who cannot avoid alcohol)
  • Replace dry fruits with fresh fruits.  Always store an apple or orange in your bag while going out instead of snacks and biscuits 


  • Please skip aerated drinks, especially while you are thirsty. carbonated drinks tend to dehydrate you. Opt fresh lime or butter milk.
  • Those who love spicy food try to reduce your spice level during summers. High spice level tend to increase body heat.
  • Try to skip or reduce the intake of red meat and shell fish during summer months.
  • Limit the intake of oily and fried items during summers.
  • Avoid consuming street food especially during summers, as we are unsure about the water hygiene.

These are few things which we follow during summers. DO share your summer diet tips with us 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Our summer diet tips

  1. wow, thats a huge change of weather for you. I enjoy having all the seasons here in delhi 🙂
    will have to try and replace my morning coffee with milk
    great tips

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