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We travel to make memories and to getaway from the busy city life. When you are a travel buff you value stay and food especially when it is a planned trip. We wanted to spend our New Year somewhere far away from city noise and pollution. That’s how Ranthambore came into the picture.Initially, we searched for resorts in Ranthambore, in fact, we even booked one of the best resorts there. But there was a weird twist which made us cancel the resort and book Rajputana Heritage instead. OK, what triggered the twist was to pay mandatory 7000 INR per couple for the gala dinner for New year (with limited drinks, of course!). We had to cancel the booking because ‘limited drinks’ was a tough one to digest :P. So we finalized Rajputana Heritage!

We reached the hotel a day before the New Year’s eve so that we can relax a bit. Our first impression seeing the hotel premises was not impressive as there were no closed car parking or even a gate at the entrance. The hotel is located in a residential area. After the quick check in formalities, we moved to our rooms. We were a group of 8 and we had booked 4 rooms out of the 7 rooms available at the resort. Rajputana Heritage is a small home stay kind of stay which has 7 rooms altogether.

Love the Art Work in the bedroom
Love the Art Work in the bedroom

As we entered our rooms our whole impression on the place changed quite a lot :D. The rooms were of decent size with a double cot bed and minimal furniture. To keep up their name they have given a rich heritage touch to the walls and decor :D. The walls of the rooms were decorated with eye catchy minimalist paintings. We also had a favorite corner near the window, a diwan style arrangement which was everyone’s cozy corner during dumb charades :P.I would say there is nothing to crib about the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Our favorite corner :P
Our favorite corner 😛

There is a well-maintained lawn near the reception area where we spent our daytime soaking in the winter sun and at night sitting around the camp-fire exclusively arranged for us there. 8-DSC_0114

Roof top restaurant
Roof top restaurant

The Resort has a roof top restaurant. There are options to enjoy your meal in open roof top as well as in the closed area. One thing to note is there is no lift facility in the hotel. So you may find it difficult if you’ve come with elderly people.


Food: We didn’t have the best experience at Rajputana Heritage when it came to food (Food being the most importing thing in our life 😛 ). All of us in the group were tea lovers and there’s nothing more refreshing than steaming tea and pakora during winters. But every time we ordered tea we got a different flavoured tea and we had to keep telling them how our tea should be made. The pakoras were bland and tasteless. We had planned a small party for the new year’s eve, a campfire was set up for us with music and dance along with drinks and snacks. We had pre-ordered the snack items to avoid any confusion later.
To our disappointment again the Chicken fry was under cooked with no salt or spice. So we had to tell them to make it spicier and tastier and we got the shock of our lives!! The second batch of snacks was as if it was covered in raw chilli powder. The Chinese starters were soaked in a bottle of ketchup. Those were the worst snacks we ever had. As the starters spoilt our taste buds already we didn’t want to take any more risks, so we decided to stick to papads.
The main course served was pretty good (Thank God!) especially the non-veg dishes were really tasty. The vegetarians were complaining that their food was average.
We are hard core foodies and we love exploring the local cuisine while we travel but in Ranthambore, we were disappointed and the worst thing happened, I got my stomach upset and I had to survive on fruits and curd rice till we reached back home.

Reception Area
Reception Area

We would recommend Rajputana Heritage if you are looking for a neat and cozy budget stay. The staff was really helpful and well mannered. The only part we are dissatisfied with is food. Otherwise, it’s a complete value for money deal in Rajputana Heritage.

  • The hotel guys are really helpful. You can check with then if you need any assistance.
  • We would have given a much higher rating if we didn’t have the worst food experience.

We will be sharing ‘2 Days and 2 Nights in Ranthambore’ in the next blog post.

Rajputana Heritage is located in Ranthambhore Road, Sawai Madhopur which is approx 30 minutes distance from Ranthambore fort and Tiger Reserve and a 10 minutes drive from Ranthambore railway station.


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2 thoughts on “Our stay at Rajputana Heritage Ranthambore

  1. It’s a shame that the food was so awful, because otherwise it seems like a lovely place to stay. Thanks so much for the helpful review!

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