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In India, we can witness a vast culture and diversity in each and every thing. Whether they are traditional clothes, language, accessory selection, cuisines, this diversity is something which brings so much joy in us. And we are addicted to that.

If we talk about ethnic wear, not only women but men too love  Indian ethnic wear and there are hundreds and more types of traditional attire that are evolving themselves from their inception. Be it any occasion, we love to wear any type of ethnic wear. Every single form of traditional outfit will have some difference from the other of its category. For example; one can wear designer saree or lehenga in different ways. There are many more reasons why we love ethnic wear so much.

Sometimes It’s Sexy & Sometimes Just Natural

It’s not just about showing flesh and you’d be sexy! Not at all! And this is what women ethnic wear has taught us till date. Take a look of saree drape and you will get to know its the ravishing beauty that is hiding inside its pleats.

For That Raw Spell

The lehengas, designer sarees tend to have this thing in them. Because there is no compulsion of draping in a prticlura style, you can carry  it as the way you like. These plain ethnic wear are the motivations behind every designer ethnic wear. Drape your saree over long shirt blouse or backless blouse to resonate that sexy appeal. And jewellery is not mandatory.

Excuse To Wear Fave Accessories

Whether it is Anarkali suit, designer lehengas or plain cotton saree, every ethnic wear provide us a privilege to add on the beauty of ornamentations. Be it statement accessories or traditional gold jewellery, women love to wear them with designer pieces. Neck choker, traditional tiara, silver armlet, rings are some types of jewellery and accessories that every women must stack in their closet for dear times.

Royal Glory That No One Gives

No one can deny from the fact that every bit of designer ethnic wear look strikes with royal glare and provide lavish touch to the wearer. Have you seen the latest photoshoot of Kareena Kapoor yet?

Feminine Boost

It doesn’t matter if you dress up like a Tom Boy the whole year and one day when you drape saree or on your cousin’s wedding you put on lehenga, a sudden feminine touch will befall on you. It’s just like that. Just a bindi or kajal on your eyes will complete your simple look.

No matter what we do or where we live our love for ethnic wear never fades..

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3 thoughts on “Our love Love for Ethnic Wear

  1. What a great job you’ve done displaying the inherent variety in ethnic wear! All of the looks featured here are undeniably beautiful.

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