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Shopping is a therapy for us girls and if it’s jewelry shopping, that becomes the best therapy. A diamond ring or a small pendant is enough to boost our mood and guys know it very well πŸ˜‰ What if you get to shop your jewelry online; sit at home, take your own sweet time and select your favorite piece. I’m talking about the website At candere the jewelry is made to order- which means, after we place our order the jewelry will be specially made keeping the customers requirements in mind.

Candere, which means β€˜to shine’, aspires to bring bespoke jewelry to the masses with the added benefits of online shopping. They have a wide range of collection which includes gold coins to gem stones. If you ask me my favorites are their diamond collection. The different varieties of sparkling diamond collection is a treat to eyes. I have already selected a

My pick from
My pick from

Apart from diamonds, at Candere you’ll get options of gemstones like Amethyst, Aquamarine, blue Sapphire, Emerald, Pink Sapphire, Ruby and many more. The price range vary from as low as 1600 INR ( you’ll get a diamond nose ring for this rate) to 5 lakhs INR and more. I found the rates quite reasonable if you look ate the value and purity of the jewels

They also have Introductory offers and other great saving offers like flat 25% on diamonds, 10% on gold and many more..

What I like about

  • The jewelry pieces are made on demand and so, you’ll receive the exact piece in mind.
  • All the jewelry pieces comes with certification and hallmarking from reputed certification labs.
  • There is a 30 days return policy and lifetime exchange option.
  • Another best feature of is they have option for express delivery, which will be a savior for many incase they forget their close one’s special day πŸ˜€

“Products from comes with Insured free shipping, Jewelry Certifications and Lifetime exchange” and “The USP of the product is its

Have found out your dream jewelry piece from candere? if not start hunting, candere is not gonna disappoint you πŸ™‚

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22 thoughts on “Online jewelry shopping from

  1. Omgosh!! Those pieces are so exquisite!! <3 Just gorgeous!!! Absolutely in love with your review, sweetheart! πŸ™‚ Will be sure to check it out πŸ™‚

  2. Never bought real jewellery online, only junk jewellery and accessories :D. The collection looks temping and very modern and contemporary. And you said it right nothing like diamonds to lift your spirits when you are down!

  3. I am so satisfied with the Davina Diamond Earrings I purchases and also with y experience with Candere jewelry. The prices were very reasonable, compared to others. The Jewelry are certified which is very important when buying jewelry. If there is any problem with you purchase, Candere will always satisfy you with easy exchanges policy. The customer care services will always be available for you. So if you decide to buy jewelry make sure you check as it is considered as one of the best jeweler to deal with.

  4. For our anniversary my husband gifted me a pendant of love, firstly I was surprised that he purchased it online and after listening the amount I was stunned. But when I saw the Pendant I was really amazed and yes then I started feeling that I was wrong and my husband had a great choice. I’m happy with this.

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