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I often mention here that I’m too careless when it comes to skincare. But when I get to try herbal and ayurvedic brands I do give the a try. I believe in using herbal and natural products for skincare. Recently I have come across an ayurvedic brand – Omved. I have already reviewed their lip balm in the blog. Today I’m going to review their skin pack. Omved is a pure ayurvedic product.

Omved Taruni SKin Pack Price: 220 INR for 25 Gm
Self life:2 years

You won’t find anything fancy about the product or packaging. Omved Taruni Skin Pack comes in a sealed silver pack. Once opened the seal you need to refrigerate it. It’s better transfer it in an air tight container and store.Omved Taruni Skin Pack Review

The texture and smell of Omved Taruni Skin Pack reminds me of the medicines in my cousin sister’s ayurvedic clinic, I’m so used to the ayurvedic medicinal smell. πŸ˜€ This nutrient rich herbal mud pack claims to keep your skin away from ageing, keeping it smoother and brighter. The main ingredients include rose petals, nagamotha, natural clay, ashwagandha roots, aloevera, orange peel and many more natural ingredients.

This ayurvedic skin pack is free from chemicals like parabens, sulfates, silicones, synthetic colours or perfumes. It’s all natural and free from preservatives and that why it’s recommended to refrigerate once opened.Omved Taruni Skin Pack Review

How to use: Make a loose paste of the skin pack with water and apply it on clean and dry face and neck area. Leave it till the pack is completely dried ( it takes almost 10 minutes) and rinse it off. Moisturize your face after pat drying.
I have dry skin and mud based packs usually makes my skin dry. Anyways I thought to give it a try as it’s all herbal. To my surprise I didn’t feel the dryness after application.Omved Taruni Skin Pack Review

What I like about Omved Taruni SKin Pack:

  • All Natural ingredients, Contains No chemicals at all.
  • Easy to apply and non messy like many face packs.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Perfect skin pack for oily skin.
  • Easily Available online.
Omved Taruni Skin Pack Review
I applied a thin layer of Omved Taruni Skin Pack


  • Packaging- Omved Taruni SKin Pack comes in a thick foil pack, You need to transfer it to a container for the ease of use.
  • The ayurvedic smell may not be liked by some.
  • May feel dry for those who have extremely dry skin.
  • As the ingredients are all herbal and ayurvedic it will take some time to show the results. This skin pack is not for those who expect quick results.

Omved Taruni Skin Pack is perfect for those who love to include herbal ingredients in their skincare routine.

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5 thoughts on “Omved Taruni Skin Pack Review

  1. I’m glad this skin pack worked so well for you! Ayurvedic medicine seems to offer a myriad of great natural options for hygiene and skincare.

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