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I’m not a great fan of makeup products, I have my small collection and I’m happy with it. But lip balms are something which I cannot live without. I keep a lip balm with me even when I got out for grocery shopping, that addict I am 😀 I can never get enough of lip balms. From Burts bees to Eos to Babylips I love all my lip balms. But I still prefer natural lip balms for my lips. Natural and handmade skincare products are my all time favorites. I’ve heard about a pure Ayurvedic brand Omved from my friends but never got a chance to try them. Omved lip balms are 100 percent pure and natural. I’m gonna share my take on Omved cinnamon lip balm with you guys.

Omved Cinnamon Lip balm claims to hydrates and protect lips and it’s 100% pure. It’s infused with kokum and sheabutter, almond and cinnamon oil. Full product description is not mentioned in the packaging though.

Omved Cinnamon Lip balm review

Omved Cinnamon Lip balm comes in a cute small tin tub packaging. You just need to lift the tub and apply the balm. I found the packaging not quite travel friendly and the lid is not tight enough.
Price: 390 INR for 8 gms
Self life: 2 years

Omved Cinnamon Lip balm have a nice natural aroma which I love on my lips. Since I have dry lips I have to reapply the lip balm in almost every 2 hours, I can’t complain on this as Omved Cinnamon Lip balm are chemical free and I don’t mind reapplying this natural product on my lips.

It comes in a light creamy texture which quickly blend in you lips after applying, leaving your lips soft and supple within seconds. I love the slight ayurvedic smell which goes off after application.

Omved Cinnamon Lip balm review

What I like about Omved Cinnamon Lip balm:
It gives quick hydration to your dry lips
Free from petroleum jelly
100% Natural
paraben or sulfate free
It’s 100% vegan
Light and non sticky
Recyclable packaging

Tub packing can be unhygenic especially when you are travelling.
The tub I received has a loose lid. I wish it comes in tube or tick form.
Those who have dry lips need to reapply often.

Omved Cinnamon Lip balm review

I have been using Omved Cinnamon Lip balm regularly and I’m very happy with the results, it’s a part of my night time skincare routine. I would highly recommend it to you guys especially if you are looking for a pure natural lip balm. 

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