A Day in The Life of a North Indian Groom

We told you about the packing, the bridal lehengas,the shopping, the planning.  And then we realized we have been biased! Too much from the brides end and nothing for the groom. So we decided to do a know it all groom post!  Lets begin with the northern part of our country !

Let us take a look into a North Indian Groom’s timeline on the Wedding Day. After haldi ceremony (Pooja) at home, The Groom dressed in Paijama/Kurti’s or Sherwani Suits or even Blazers and Trousers starts the journey to the venue when the sehra bandi is done (placing the sehra on his head). The Groom sitting on a Horse/Chariot accompanied by Family and friends with music and all guests dancing. The procession starts from the entrance and goes till the venue (Mandap) where the pheras will happen. This procession is known as ‘Baraat’ (auto correct did suggested me Borat :-P).

               Baraat is my favourite part in Indian weddings. The Groom will be welcomed by the Bride’s family (in Punjabi weddings the brides sisters will tie a ribbon on the entrance and the groom has to give some shagun money to cut the ribbon) and will be seated in the Mandap. As per the auspicious time (Muhurat), The Groom & the Bride then exchange garlands. Meanwhile, Will be a Bunch of girls (The Bride’s sister’s) searching for Groom’s Footwear to hide it. Once the footwear is in the hands of the bride’s sister’s then the Groom will have to pay them money to get the Footwear back. This adds to the entertainment and fun in North indian marriages. The Groom and The bride will then sit in front of Fire with a Priest running the show. He will recite Sanskrit verses which will be explained to bride and groom and they have to act as per his instructions. Then the bride and groom will circle the fire (Phera). After this, the bride’s parents and family will see off the bride and groom which is the end of a Wedding function, but not bride & Groom’s. The Bride and Groom after reaching Groom’s house will have to sit for some more rituals. The Meaning: Now if we take a step back and look at the smart preparation part. The groom has to decide about what he is going to wear for the wedding day. If the bride and Groom wear’s something which compliments each other, they will look Elegant. The Groom and the bride should discuss shop together or use smart applications to assist and make their task easier. The Groom has to set up a house for bringing his newly wedded wife. Irrespective of what the girl does, Traditional Indian families, the boys has to do the necessary planning and arrangements to keep his newly wedded wife happy and safe. As I say, marriage is not about two people falling in love and planning to live together, but it is the beginning of a new life where a boy becomes a Man and start taking responsibility of his Family in all ways. Do share your thoughts below. Picture courtesy: https://www.google.co.in/  

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    • theknotstory

      haha great to know that so we took back to your wedding day 🙂

  1. Kiss & Make-up

    I love how different an Indian wedding is from a western wedding! I had the honor of attending a traditional Japanese wedding in April this year, and it was such an amazing experience. I bet attending an Indian wedding would be the same.
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    • theknotstory

      Heard that Japanese weddings are fun! Do attend an Indian wedding when you get an opportunity 😀

  2. jackie harrison

    This is very well written I learn so much due to your post about Indian traditional wedding. The bride how she gets prepare in knowing she leave her comfort also the cooking,the importance of her wedding dress the symbol of reunion in how meaningful that is and now the male way in preparing and trying to get his outfit to compliment the bride. Turning from boy to man embracing his responsibility. Thanks doll for making us understand the beauty of it. Im so happy to be able to express myself without the rush like during work week.

    • theknotstory

      awww… thanks a lot for the love dear :* no doubt indian weddings are so much fun, but afte marriage both boy and girl has so many new roles to play along with loads of responsibilities 🙂

    • theknotstory

      Indian weddings loads of fun julie 😀

    • theknotstory

      aww,, thank you dear for the love, we try to share our experience here 🙂

    • theknotstory

      thanks Nats glad you loved readying it 🙂

    • theknotstory

      thanks Ira south Indian weddings are much simpler

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