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Parenting was easy in earlier times when families used to be joint family. The nuclear family culture is what most of us follow and parenting has now become hectic for most. When both the parents are working the kid won’t be getting enough attention during their growing stage and this can affect the kid in many ways. NeoJunior is a parenting app which have some great features. Download the Neojunior app from play store and login as a parent.

There are plenty of information categorized page wise like Articles, Events, For me, Community etc. In Neojunior app the exact answer lies in the first page. You might be using either for information, tips on parenting or to know about places where you can send your kid for summer camp, smart classes etc.
The Articles page has got some informative articles related to pregnancy, toddlers, schoolers, pre-schoolers, teens related topics etc which every parent would be interested in reading.Besides topics like yoga benefits for kids, what kind of fruits you should be giving good and bad influences of baby sitters and many more are covered. There are categories for teens too which is much needed for almost anyone having teenage children.

For example Article like “Why Non-Parent Mentor is important for teen” is very informative as it’s a good method to control your teenager who is trying to break the shackles and become an individual or rebel in parental terms 😉 They won’t listen to anything their parents say and everyone is against them at that moment. The article says about one of the best ways to tackle this is by asking them to take opinion from a non-parenting mentor. For example a teacher, a coach or someone the kid trusts will be the right person to do this. Doing this, will avoid the situation where your kid might turn into internet for advice and end up with wrong advice.Teens with mentors are likely to take positive risks rather than negative ones. As a parent what you need to do is to keep in touch with the mentor and stay informed about what’s happening in your child’s life.



Another very relevant topic covered is “teaching kids about bad touch good touch”. Teaching kids about bad touch good touch is very important, you need to start this when the kid starts going to pre-school as that when they are going to be alone without parents for the first time. It’s frightening and depressing fact that reports of child molestation is increasing day by day. Even though it’s a very sensitive topic it’s our duty to make sure our kids are aware of good touch and bad touch and also to prepare them to react when they feel something is going wrong. It’s easy to make the kids stay away from ‘stranger danger’ but what about the molesters who are familiar? As soon as a child is able to identify the body parts you can teach them about the private parts which should not be touched or seen by others. This give give them a sense of responsibility to protect their private parts from outsiders.882b518b-f9f7-4362-95c6-901e01201ad6-679x1024

The app is easy to navigate and also have a ‘For Me’ page which displays useful info for the parents like how to balance work and home, right age between children and other very useful topics.

NeoJunior is a great option with lot of useful info which helps you enjoy parenting.

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