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Those who live in a metro city would agree with me. Our weekdays are like running a marathon and weekends are stress busters. We love to spend our weekends going out and trying new food joints or cooking something special or planning a trip. A couple of months back we had a friend coming from Ireland and as he was coming just for a weekend I googled for places at 100 Km radius from Delhi. We had taken him for Delhi-Darshan and Taj Mahal visit last time and didn’t want to repeat the same. We wanted him to experience something special which he won’t get where he lives.

I’ve heard about the beautiful Neemrana Fort Palace and that’s exactly what came in my search results. We did the important planning based on the place. It was a beautiful rainy Saturday morning and we left Noida by 7 am. By 11am we reached Neemrana Fort Palace. We were stuck in traffic a bit, (who cares the traffic when you are enjoying the beautiful weather outside). Neemrana Fort Palace is in Neemrana, a small village 2kms from the Delhi-Jaipur road in Alwar district and it’s almost 138km from Noida (approximately 120kms from India Gate). There are landmarks close to the place where you have to get off from the highway and take the normal road to the resort.Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace - The Entrance
Neemrana Fort Palace – The Entrance

Neemrana Fort Palace is built in the remains of a 15th century fort. The palace resort is in a hill and as you drive and climb the hill, you’ll find the entrance with huge doors. There are security guards dressed up like royal guards to welcome you. You can park your vehicle near the resort and there is free accommodation arranged for drivers. We completed our check-in formalities in 10 minutes and headed to our villa which was almost at the top of the hill.We were a group of four and we booked Ramji Vilas which was a duplex room with 2 double cot bed and a single cot bed. The plain white curtains,  antique wooden furniture and doors gave a royal touch to the room. The walls were decorated with pictures from Hindu mythology.

View of our room- Ramji Vilar
View of our room- Ramji Vilas

We quickly freshened up and rushed to explore the Neemrana Fort Palace. One thing I would like to mention here is you have to walk a lot and there are steps to climb in between. As a whole Neemrana Fort Palace is built on a hill, you need to climb up and down to go to each level. There are rooms in each level and if you find it difficult to walk or climb you can choose for rooms in lever 1 or 2. They are installing a lift which will take you to 2nd Level I think (Lift installation was in progress).

We exploring Neemarana Fort Palace :D
We exploring Neemrana Fort Palace 😀
The Beautiful Architecture - We exploring Neemrana Fort Palac
The Beautiful Architecture -Neemrana Fort Palace
These guys!! :P
These guys!! 😛
The Amphitheater- The perfect dream wedding location :D
The Amphitheater- The perfect dream wedding destination 😀

They have placed tables and chairs in every nook and corner incase you are tired you can sit and have a cup of coffee anywhere. It’s the perfect place if you are looking for privacy. There are high chances that you would get lost exploring. 😀 There are two swimming pools in Neemrana Fort Palace and luckily our room was next to one of the pools. As we got tired of walking, we thought to settle down with some beer and snacks. As it was lunch time we had option for buffet served in the restaurant, but we wanted to have something light so we landed in the tea area which also had a beautiful view.

View from our room!
View from our room!
View from the pool area
View from the pool area

Neemrana Fort Palace

As it was Rajasthan and as I love lassi from Jaipur I ordered lassi, but to my disappointment that was the worst lassi I ever had. The guys enjoyed their beer 😀 though making fun of the lassi and me. The snacks ordered with drinks were also average. After our not so good food experience we started to explore again and also clicked some good pics. It was drizzling and we enjoyed the best weather there. We saw peacock dancing at a distance and it was a lovely scene to watch. The complementary tea and snacks was served by 5 pm which was good compared to our previous experience. Later we were told to assemble in the same area for folk dance. There were local dancers performing Rajasthani folk dance and our Irish friend was excited to see the fire spitting act. The dinner buffet served was really good and had varieties of options where both Indians and foreigners could enjoy. The next day early morning we had to leave and so we rushed for breakfast. Even though there were options like idli, paranthas etc breakfast was average. We were happy with bread omelette and fruits. Neemrana was quite an experience!

Rajasthani folk dance performace
Rajasthani folk dance performance

Neemrana Palace resort

Dining hall has got a beautiful ambiance
Dining hall has got a beautiful ambiance
Absolutely loved the buffet dinner served
Absolutely loved the dinner served

Tariff: There are plenty of room options and tariff is pretty much same in every season. You can check their website(here) for tariff details . The Ramji Vilas which we stayed costed us 18000 INR per night ( the duplex room could accommodate 5 people)

Also, you need not be a resident to visit Neemrana. Non residents can explore Neemrana Fort Palace and have options for breakfast/lunch.

Service: We won’t say that we got the best service or royal treatment. The food and service was average. When we stayed there it was raining and there were bugs around. But the property itself is splendid and we  don’t want to crib about anything.

Activities you can engage in Neemrana Fort Palace:

  •  You can go for a 5 km Vintage car ride for 1200 INR
  • Adventure seeking ones can try out 5-track aerial zip lining by Flying Fox over the Neemrana Fort Palace
  • There are options to get pampered like spa for the residents.
  • You can also enjoy camel ride and camel cart ride.
  • There is a shop inside the Fort Palace that sells traditional stuff.

We opted not to do any of these as we just wanted to relax and enjoy the beautiful Neemrana Fort Palace.

Reaching Neemrana – The nearest Airport is at Delhi. This place is 3hrs(approx) by road from Delhi.

Never tired of posing :P
Never tired of posing 😛
Framed <3
Framed <3
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