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When in North India you’ll find South Indian restaurants and dosa parlours in every street or market place or even malls. Most of these places are known because of their name board / advertisements and not by their taste. There are very few which we remember because of the authentic taste, the ambience & service. Naivedyam is one such place, they are a chain which is in different locations in Delhi-Ncr . We have been to Noida, Sector-63 branch and we are a fan of that place now.

Liking south indian food in a restaurant outside south India is not easy for any south Indian who likes authentic food. This is our case and until Naivedyam happened, we were against this whole idea. The first time we went there was on our anniversary (yes, it was a surprise that we choose vegetarian joint 😛 ). Naivedyam is located in Noida Sector 63. We parked the car in front of the hoarding Naivedyam where we also saw Tandoori Village. Next to it was a door which when opened we get smell of Sandalwood Agarbathi’s and you can see the statue of Lord Sree Krishna below which there is a flower garland & Agrbathi. This is something you get to see when you enter a vegetarian hotel in Karnataka, Udupi to be precise. The restaurant ambiance itself gives you the feeling of a nice vegetarian restaurant where you can take your family for a good meal.


They serve Rasam as welcome drink, yes it was yumm. We started flipping through the menu & the first thing we ordered was a cup of Filter coffee (kaapi). Naivedyam’s menu is good with different kinds of Dosa’s with varieties in each. They had idli’s, Pongal, Annam etc. The waiter’s wear veshti (dhoti/mundu) & kurta and this makes it more south indian. Service is pretty fast and your order will be served in 10-15mnts (Dosa, meals etc). I ordered a Dosa while Laks chose South Indian Meals (Thaali) .The first sight of Dosa was fresh, yummy and charming 🙂 First bite and then the only thing I focused was Dosa. Even though they serve Meals (Thaali) our suggestion is to go for Dosa, Uttappam, Idli etc. Not everyone will love the Meals.


The second time we went there, we went in the evening on the Republic Day. That day they had some special Dosa, Curry & even Some special sweet as Republic Day special. Three of us were there and we had Dosa & filter coffee. The bill amount was reasonable, infact Cheap when compared to other so called celebrated South Indian Restaurants.




Our Verdict:
The best place in Noida for Authentic Dosa, uttappam, Idli etc.
Taste of Sambhar, chutnet etc is Karnataka taste (Tamil, Karnataka, Kerala etc have a different taste and basically Niavedyam is a Kannada restaurant)
Filter Coffee is awesome, a must have.


Rating –
For the ambience, Food & service, we will give a rating of 4/5.

This is the place for those who love Authentic South Indian food at a reasobale price. There is plenty of parking space, so no need to worry about that part. 😀

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