N99 Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare: Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

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Most of us are aware of the smog that engulfed Delhi region post Diwali. The air quality seen in DelhiNCR between 1 to 9 November 2016 was the worst visualization of smog in the region and is termed as Great Smog of Delhi.

On Nov 7th, 2016 the PM 2.5 levels shot up to 999, while recommended is 60 micrograms. At the same time PM 10 shot to 999, instead of the recommended limit of 100. These levels were more than 10 times the prescribed levels in the air. The pollution led to reduction in visibility to about 200 meters around Nov 7th, 2016.

The primary effects seen due to air pollution were breathlessness, chest constriction, irritation in eyes, asthma, allergy. To take protective approach towards air pollution one needs an air purification system wherever he goes. For indoors the problem can be solved by air purifiers. But outdoors the problem is worse due to continuous movement, and changing environment. In such case one needs a personal filtration unit, moving with us and continuously purifying the air we breathe.

N99 Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare
N99 Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare

This is just what Atlanta Healthcare N99 Cambridge masks are designed to do. Atlanta Healthcare in collaboration with Cambridge masks offers air pollution masks which uses military grade technology to filter air pollutants and at the same time make the product user friendly. This Mask gives protection against dust pollution up to the level of 0.3 micron, gas pollution, nearly 100% of viruses and bacteria. These N99 Anti-Pollution Masks by Atlanta Healthcare come with 3 layers of protection –

  • The Primary Filter Layer – designed to filter out larger particles such as dust and PM10.
  • The Three-Ply Micro Particulate Layer – designed to block particulate pollution such as PM2.5. It is tested to filter particles as small as PM0.3. The textile is a three-ply non-woven melt-blow polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer used in a range of applications.
  • The Military Grade Carbon Layer – made from a 100% pure activated carbon cloth, which was originally invented by the UK Ministry of Defence and comprises of a series of activated carbon filaments, each about 2,000 nanometres in diameter. The pores in each filament are 25 times smaller than those in standard carbon materials, and therefore more powerful. This means that bacteria and viruses are drawn to the surface from further away.N99 Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare

The Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge air pollution masks provide 99.77% protection against bacteria, 99.6% protection against viruses

They provide for maximum hours of usage i.e. 340 hours and expected expiry of over four years. They are are hand washable. Hand washing helps in removing the dust particles that get sticks on outer surface and prevents the smell that may occur due to regular usage.N99 Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare

They come in a wide range of fashionable patterns and in five sizes (catering to weight from 6kg to 90 kg & beyond). Additionally, to cater to the different lifestyles these masks come in three different options i.e., No Valve (low physical activity), 1 Valve (mild physical activity) and 2 valves (for people engaged in strenuous activities like running, bicycling, walking etc.).7

In India they are sold through prominent e-commerce website like Amazon, Snapdeal. You can buy them here

Along with this they will be available in popular chemist shops and major hospitals as well.You can also buy Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge mask at 98.4 – Delhi/NCR, Fortis Healthworld store – Delhi/NCR, Preet Medicos – Khan Market, New Evergreen Chemist – Defence Colony, Popular Medicos – Defence Colony, Link Medical Store – South Ext. Part 1, Batra Medical Store – Vasant Vihar, C-Block, Le Marche Store – Vasant Vihar and Gurgaon (South Point Mall).

Vibhor Jain, CEO Atlanta Healthcare talking about N99 Cambridge Masks
Vibhor Jain, CEO Atlanta Healthcare talking about N99 Cambridge Masks

The masks are priced at Rs. 1799 (for no valve), Rs. 1999 (for 1 valve) and Rs. 2199 (for 2 valve).

Atlanta healthcare Cambridge masks are available in mix of attractive design options befitting design conscious adults as well as kids. The popular one being Sherlock & The Po for kids and The Lady Macbeth, The General, The Duke amongst teenagers and adults. The designs are such that they have acceptance from Indians as well as expats. Overall the masks are not just protective equipment but are also a fashion accessory.

To add Indian flavour to the designs, Atlanta Healthcare is working with NIFT students to bring to its customers’ designer masks specific to the Indian culture and ethnicity. The project is still in development, new designs will be launched during NIFT annual event Spectrum 2017.  They can also be personalised in case of bulk orders to get customised designs printed on them.N99 Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare

We all are working hard for a better living. No one can guarantee us a better environment but let us not ignore our health over other priorities. Yes, you may find the masks a bit expensive but we don’t want to spend our time and money in hospitals. I wear Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge mask everyday and I would recommend it to you too.

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5 thoughts on “N99 Cambridge Masks by Atlanta Healthcare: Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

  1. It sounds very nice & must have product for healthcare. Inhaling polluted air causes many health problems, I must say prevention is better than cure.

  2. Even if they are a bit of an expensive purchase, I agree that the preventative, long-term benefits far out weigh the cost. I am glad that these masks are relatively easy to get a hold of.

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