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It’s my last week in Tokyo and I got so much to do still. Many places to check-out and try many stuffs. Feeling good about going back home while humming “Country roads take me home”. To be frank I am going to miss this place for the awesome people, yummy food and the crazy life. I did some awesome experiments from food perspective, I call it the Japanese food adventure. 😀

You know that I love food and trying out new food. That is what I did here in  Japan. This was my second trip here and I wanted to go ahead and try any thing and everything.  If you are someone who can eat anything and everything, then Tokyo is the best place to try some awesome food. I am going to share some pics below 🙂

Food Adventure
Food Adventure

I loved this. Chicken wings and the other is a Japanese style starter and Salad.

Food Adventure
Egg plant – Food Adventure

Well, this is vegetarian. One among the few options for vegeterians

Food Adventure
Yakitori Platter

The yakitori platter and this chicken in cheese was awesome.

Food Adventure
Fish Eggs 

That is Fish eggs and chicken n Cheese

Food Adventure

Awesome grilled Oyster. That is not raw by the way.

Food Adventure

This tasted like its made of Spinach and chicken 😀

Food Adventure
Food Adventure

This I had in a Korean restaurant. They cook this on your table and it is yummy.

food adventure
korean cuisine

Another awesome snack we had in the Korean restaurant.

Food adventure
Pork ribs

Yummy pork ribs we had in a Mexican Joint.

Food adventure

This is one of the staple lunch you get in small joints. Its tummy full of yumminess.

food adventure
Awesoome Sizzler

A lunch they server here in tokyo

food adventure
Ruby tuesdays

This is the steak served in Ruby Tuesdays. Its an expensive place, but the best Steak. A glass of wine and Steak is pure sin. 😀

Food Adventure
Seafood Pasta

The seafood pasta with Shrimp, mussels, squid and some small fish too.

Food Adventure
Sake Time

Sake is the local liquor made from Rice. The small salad is served along with Sake.

food adventure

Shoichu is another japanese alcohol which is made from potato, sweet potato or rice. The one in the pic is made from potato. The best thing is No hang over the next day 😉 It is mixed with hot water and consumed.

You will remember the name of these dishes only when you have the menu card in front of you. I missed out the names many of them 😀

If you are having the mind to taste different cuisines, this place is the best. Tokyo has some good local joints which are clean and serve yummy food. You can ask them what meat they serve because there are places which serve only pork, only beef. Also you should go to a “Izakaya”. An izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment that serves food to accompany the drinks. They are casual places for after-work drinking. Tokyo do have good Indian restaurants also, vegetarians can opt for those. We have listed them (here).

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22 thoughts on “My Food Adventure in Japan

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the food in Japan. I personally didn’t. I was soooooo hungry when I was there… It was very difficult to find vegetarian food. The only dish that I really liked was okonomiyaki.

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