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Love. When it comes to Love, we know that there is caring love, possessive love, protective love, peaceful love, emotional love, physical love and so on. I have been trying to pull out an answer for myself for the question, what real love is? In order to get an answer for the definition of love , I had to go through the experiences of a few of the couples around me and I even dared to experiment my own marriage.

Walla!!  I got a satisfying answer and it feels great. I am in love than never I have ever been in, and with the same person. It’s really nice to fall in love over and over again with the same person in a single life time. So the trick is the same old school one. Its freedom! Its liberty! It’s unconditional. Love is freedom or letting your partner to be themselves and not snatching it as if it is something you can get hold of. Fact is no one can give freedom, its one’s own existence. It’s just like breath, you can’t give someone their own breath but you can hold it and choke them and have them dead, or get yourself hurt!!

All you have to do is to deal with the devils within you- possessiveness and ego. Let’s try not to suffocate them and spoil the bliss. Isn’t lightness the best feeling? After all love is all we need. Try releasing the ropes you tie around yourself and your spouse. And you will find that many magical things unfold eventually. When you open a door, the door is open on both sides. Every now and then, everyone have to roam around and explore the world on their own. Taste freedom for yourself and see how it feels. Let them do whatever they like, let them not feel that they are bargaining for their own life with you and sooner you will find a happy person flying around you, ready to take a leap with you to any heights that you desire. Remember a free soul knows love and gives love but an imprisoned one tries to break free!!! 

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