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Delhi has its vintage charm with the Old Markets and Monuments which are good options if you are going to have a short trip to Delhi. You can easily plan a Delhi tour from any part of the country. The connectivity to the Capital City is the best, be it via road, rail or by air. There are plenty of flights from Mumbai to Delhi, Bangalore to Delhi, Calcutta to Delhi, Chennai to Delhi and likewise.

Below are some of our favorite spots in Delhi which should not be missed when to visit the Capital City.

Chandni Chowk – Old Delhi is special, especially with Chandni Chowk known for the yummiest parantha’s, Jama Masjid area for its non-veg food and the mighty Red Fort nearby for revisiting the old parts of Delhi. There are plenty of shops in Kinaare Bazaar where you get beautiful bangles and other accessories & home decor too. A not so long walk and you will reach the Jama Masjid area where you get to eat some awesome non-vegetarian food especially the famous Karim’s and some other food joints.

Chandni Chowk –

How to Reach There – You can board a metro and get down at Chandni Chowk metro station. From there it is just walking distance or you can hire a cycle rickshaw or get on one of those battery operated ones and reach Paranthawaala Galli.

For those coming by road can park their vehicles near Red Fort while going to Chandni Chowk & Jama Masjid areas.

A Busy Street, Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Sarojini Market – This place is the shopping heaven for ladies where they bargain and buy things at really cheap prices. We were able to see party wear, tops, and dresses sold as cheap as INR80 (less than 2$). There are plenty of street vendors and shops where you can get footwear, accessories at bargain prices. 

How to Reach There – Board a metro & get down at INA station. Hire a cycle rickshaw or auto rickshaw for Sarojini Market.

Janpath & Connaught Place – Janpath market is similar to Sarojini Market. Here you can even get furnishings and home décor also at bargain rates. There are plenty of good restaurants, food joints, and pubs at Connaught Place which is the same place where Rajeev Chowk metro station exists. Also India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan etc are close to this place.

Connaught Place is one big circle with shops of every possible brand, restaurants, pubs and some street vendors too. There is a park on the center of this place, Palika Bazaar is at corner, Janpath another corner and Rajiv Chowk Metro Station right below this place. The best thing to do is walk, shop, eat, walk and keep walking 🙂

How to Reach There – Board a metro, get down at Rajeev Chowk Metro Station and walk to the market.  There is one more market, in fact, it is the famous Palika Bazaar which is an underground a/c market in Delhi.

Dilli Haat (Delhi Haat) – Dilli Haat is a place where you can see culture and food from different states in India as well as good outfits, accessories, home décor, footwear etc. This is not as cheap as any of the above markets, but here you get to try food from different parts of India.

How to Reach There – Board a metro & get down at INA station and walk towards the market.

Khan Market – Khan Market is another famous market for shopping. You can shop and get all fashion brands with good restaurants & pubs too.

How to Reach there – Board a metro & get down at Khan Market Metro Station.

Hauz Khas –This is another destination for shopping and eating. Here shopping isn’t that cheap, but you get cool dresses, accessories etc here. This place is good for partying and food. Hauz Khas has got a good variety of restaurants, pubs & joints to eat.

How to reach there – Board a metro, get down at Hauz Khas metro station and hire a rickshaw.

So these were our top picks for shopping and hogging in Delhi: As travel addicts what we feel is it’s good to have short tours at least once in two months to balance our hectic work and family life. You can choose any of your favorite destinations and plan accordingly. There are a number of flights to Delhi from all the major cities in India. All you need to do is simply book an air ticket to the national capital of India. Once you reach the airport, you can rent a car and begin exploring the city.

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