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I’m glad that these days our country is focusing on hygiene and lets hope the campaign ‘Swach Bharat Abhyan’ would succeed in a clean India. This initiative is a much needed one and it’s our duty to make it successful by following a few rules like no throwing food waste and chocolate covers on road, no littering in public places, correcting somebody who is making our city dirty etc..(don’t expect a positive response initially).

Along with keeping our country clean let’s also focus on personal hygiene. We got a chance to use the new Dettol multi-use wipes and we thought to share our experience with you guys. I’m just loving it and yes it’s truly multi-use.

  • I use this after my daily travel in this polluted city. I’ve been using Dettol Multi-Use wipes for the past some days and after using Dettol Multi-Use on my face and hands I feel fresh and revived.It’s not only germ free but also protect your skin as well. It is having a very refreshing smell which makes it one of the best wipes for daily use.
  • During long journeys the new Dettol Multi-use wipes are a must have. It was very handy during our road trip to Amritsar, especially in pit stops where there were no proper facilities to freshen up. They are the best option for bus and train journeys too especially when we need to wipe our hands before and after food. Also at times you feel the train smell in your hands, you can use Dettol wipes to feel clean and fresh.
  • These wipes can also be used as make up remover, yes I have tried and it worked perfectly.
  • Besides you can use them as kitchen wipes as well.
  • For those who have kids, the Dettol multi-use wipes are truly multi purpose. Kids keep making their hands dirty, food table, after potty time or any other emergencies multi-use wipes comes handy.DSC_0426

There are no allergies or side effects from using the Dettol wipes.The Dettol wipes are pH neutral, the wipes do not affect your skin’s natural protection, and the emollients present in the wipes keep your skin moisturized.

Dettol is a trust worthy brand which majority of us use on a daily basis, mainly as a germ protection agent. The most trusted antiseptic liquid which is available in the market since a long time. Dettol soaps and hand wash also have a decent reputation and Dettol Multi-Use wipes being from the same house of Dettol would not disappoint you .Dettol Multi-Use wipes keeps you clean, safe and refreshing.

Our verdict – We will always keep a pack of Dettol Multi-Use(here) wipes for our daily use.

You can buy Dettol Multi-Use from  Amazon(here) 

PS: PR sample

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