Movie Review-Tamasha :Muhabbat ki Misaalon Ka Safarnama

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Tamasha, like the name suggests it is a Tamasha. It all starts in the mind and it grows with your age. There are some thoughts which come to your mind as a kid and it will be an influence even after you grow-up. The onscreen chemistry of Deepika – Ranbir takes to a new level in the Imtiaz Ali flick. This movie is not shot in a traditional way and that is what makes the first half interesting. I am sure almost everyone in the crowd remained as confused as I was. Like we always do, we will make sure that we are not giving away the story even though it ain’t difficult to predict πŸ˜€


Β The movie revolves around Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara (Deepika Padukone) with A.R.Rahman creating the perfect ambiance with his magical music. Tamasha is a typical Imtiaz Ali movie shot a bit differently. It’s like one of those Pale ale’s you get from a micro brewery πŸ˜€ Imtiaz Ali deserves the credit for pairing Ranbir- Deepika together again, it’s their chemistry that keeps the movie young & dynamic. The way the movie is shot makes it different, in fact, it made me feel like Imtiaz Ali is a fan of Quentin Tarantino (pulp fiction style) πŸ™‚

Shooting locations are awesome. The parts shot in Corsica (France) is so beautiful that it will become the next hot destination for people planning for Euro trips. The movie is shot in Corsica (France) Shimla, Kolkata, Delhi & Tokyo. SOCIAL cafe in Hauzkhas has been a hotspot for Delhites and this movie is gonna make it one of the most famous hangout place.


Tamasha is not a comedy movie nor a pure romantic movie, its one of those movies which start happy and slowly takes us to the bare truth and the movie takes a twist from the normal path. Unlike normal Bollywood movies, the songs are shot differently in this movie. The songs are a part of the ongoing scene and not a different scene where the hero and heroine are playing with snow while the actual scenario is happening in a slum. Every song in this part fits the situation and is part of the ongoing story and scene. I liked this change in the movie making style πŸ™‚ The performances of Ranbir & Deepika are above class. This movie shows the versatility of Ranbir as an actor and makes us think whether this is the same Ranbir who we saw in Saawariya. This is one of the finest performance of Deepika Padukone. Laks was drooling over Deepika’s wardrobe πŸ˜›

Tamasha is a nothing new, it’s like the same lager beer brewed in a different color, taste and become a big hit among people. While Ranbir & Deepika makes this movie colorful, A.R.Rahman’s music brings the perfect taste to this movie along with the all regular contents added by Imitiaz Ali.

Our Rating 3/5


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