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Mothers are the most beautiful creation of God. They have the power to bring a life to this beautiful world, to do all the sacrifices to nurture it and transform it into a worthy human being. Only a mother can be powerful enough to do this selflessly. She is the epitome of love. I’m a proud daughter of a super mom and for me every day is Mother’s day.

For this Mother’s day Theknotstory along with have come up with a contest. A contest where you can express your love and gratitude for your mom. Through this contest we give you a chance to win a gift voucher worth 1000 INR from Jabong. One thing you’ll have to promise is, if you win this contest you shouldn’t be shopping for yourself 😛 This gift is solely for your wonderful mom :*

All you need to do to win the Mother’s day contest is:

Follow us on Facebook (here) and share about the giveaway

Follow us on twitter (here) and RT about the giveaway

If you don’t have any of the above mentioned accounts do mention in the comments below.

And answer this question: “The one thing which you wanted to tell your mom, but never got a chance.”

Terms & Conditions:

  • The giveaway is open to residents of India only.
  • The contest will end on 11th may Midnight.
  • If the winners does not respond within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner.
  • Theknotstory’s judgement will be final.
  • The winners will be announced by 12th may.

Good luck guys! Make your mums proud!! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Contest – Win vouchers from

  1. Nice Giveaway:) i entered..shared on fb as well as retweeted on Twitter..
    one thing i never told my mom is “I don’t call you everyday not because I don’t miss you but because I miss you more after I talk to you” …

  2. I being passionate about baking was always after mom to let me bake in the kitchen. Since being just 11 years old or so she never let me enter kitchen! This made me always away from baking. But now when I am 19 years old I demanded to let me bake once again, and to my surprise this time she allowed me to. Its said that an expert is an expert or be it a mother. Starting with my first steps towards baking, although I had a full fledged recipe with me still its an expert who tells just a small bit tactics of being in kitchen! She helped me bake. She helped me to identify the difference between a baking soda and a baking powder which looked almost same to me! She made me learn how to beat a cake into a soft batter, she made me realize her importance and I am so much thankful to her ! Though that recipe told me the basic ingredients but the star of the time was my mother.! Thank you mom for those first steps in kitchen, you helped me just as you did when I had to walk my first steps ! LOVE YOU
    I can’t thank you enough for your unconditional love and affection all these years. Thank you for letting me have a look at this wonderful world of yours. ♥

  3. I want to tell her i love her very much and wanna see her happy playing in rains Thank u for everything dear mom She taught me everything she taught me one thing that we should be strong and we should never give up as she herself fighting with asthma for almost 25 years She is very strong and so humble & innocent. If I get a chance to change one thing for my Mom. I will love to free her from asthma. I still remember that my Mom got infected from this disease during her pregrancy, when I was under her womb. Knowing this fact I feel its coz of me she is suffering from this disease. Asthma can’t be cured permanently but the suffering can be reduced…. I have shown her to best doctors, I never allow to work when m with her, I never all her to come close to dust and allergic prone environment. I make sure she never go out alone in winter and rainy season…when she is more prone to asthma attacks…..I m religiously praying God to free her from this pain….m sure he will listen me…..n a day will come when me n my Mom can go n play in rainy reason ….enjoy natures many things in life which asthma has kept her away. I know that the day will come soon.My biggest support, my best friend, the reason behind my every success — she is an angel in the truest sense of world, she is very Strong, Courageous, Endurance, Persistence and enough guts to face all the obstacles of her life Love her so much.

  4. My mom is to me the greatest person in this world,one of a kind and one in a million.She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,which she shares with so many of us.
    Her soul is made of pure love,yet she’s worth way more than gold.
    In my eyes, she will always be, the most beautiful person to walk the earth.To me she’s the smartest woman I know,and it truly does show.There is no one that compares to her,no one that even comes close.I appreciate all the advise she has given me,I take it in with immense gratitude.The memories I will forever cherish,for they are priceless.For all she has done, I will forever be thankful,and my love for her only grows more with each day that passes.On a high pedestal is where I hold her,for I admire her so much more than she knows.Having her apart of my life is the greatest gift of all,being in her presence is god\’s blessing to me.Looking deep inside of her,I see that strong, wise woman I hope to become.Giving, helpful, loving, caring, and kind,is what defines her.She is not only my favorite mom but she is my role model, so she desevers to be everyday champion wish to be and follow same like her with my kids.

    I’m still being blessed with having my mom, in my life. I have often felt a deep need for her counsel in my marriage and parenting. When I was a girl, my father was away from home about two-thirds of every year. What I learned in those days was that my mother was competent. She handled the finances, paying all the bills and dealing with the bank and creditors. It’s hard for me to think about how tough it must be being a single mother of three children. Her hard work and devotion to putting us first makes me proud to have a mom that cares so much for me. I honestly don’t think I could ever show her the appreciation she deserves. She is a very loving person has always put her family and others before herself. I have often said that I am all I am because of her, and I am only half the woman she is.
    I will always be grateful to my mother for many things. The most beautiful gift my mother has ever given to me, besides the precious gift of life, is the gift of forgiveness. I am a grown woman now with two children of my own. However, when I was a teenager, I was a very self-centered girl who never thought of other people’s feelings.
    One morning, I was getting ready for school and became outraged when I found out that one of my siblings had finished off my favorite cereal. I was about sixteen years old and I threw a huge tantrum, throwing things and slamming cupboards.
    Instead of yelling at me, (which I deserved) she grabbed her purse to go to the store to buy me my cereal. Just as my mom pulled out of the driveway, a large van happened to be passing by. My mom did not see the vehicle, and backed right into it.
    My mother received injuries to her neck and to her back. To this very day my sweet mother suffers chronic pain triggered by that accident. I have a hard time forgiving myself for being the cause of my mother’s injuries, which occurred all because I wanted my favorite cereal. My mom has forgiven me, and I know that. I love her with all of my heart, and I hope through her example I can one day forgive myself. I just wish I could take away all of the pain, too.My mother, who I seem to have failed to thank for doing such a wonderful job raising me into the person I have become, deserves more than just a thank you. I would like to do something really nice for my mom to show her how much I love her on her special day. So, after carefully selecting, I purchased a white pearl necklace as a gift for her. My mom was absolutely thrilled with the pearl necklace. It looks gorgeous on her and she told me she already got tons of compliments when she wore it. My beloved mother, you are wonderful mother! I am proud to have you as my mother! Happy Mother’s day!

  5. My father left my mother and myself on street because he wanted a son! I was thrown into a garbage bag and my mother had to take me out from there. She stood alone against everyone who told her that she needed to give birth to a son and forget about me! She ran away from that environment and spent the rest of all her life as a single mother bringing me up in the best way possible,my mother had to go through all kinds of trials and tribulations raising me up and sacrifice everything just to give me the right to exist and live my life as an independent human. We used to live in a hut in a slum as we could not afford even basic necessities of life, she did 3 jobs and also taught herself English, accountancy and computer science all on her own. She sent me to school,never made me feel like I did not have a father or a family,she became my everything and devoted her every moment to my upbringing!

    When I was growing up,I often asked her, doesn’t she feel hatred towards my father anymore, and she would simply say, ‘Who am I to judge anyone, everyone has their own burden of Karma, what i need to do is live my life being the best person I can be’-And Today I want to promise her that I will carry forward her legacy!-of patience, of determination, of humility, of forgiveness, of peace and of love!

    I know this world is a harsh place and life is difficult but no matter what happens, we all need to remember that spark of humanity inside us and never let that flame of compassion and humanity die! That is what I learned from my mother and that is what I hope my kids learn from me and remember me by!

    I have never said this to my mom but today I make this promise in front of the whole world!

    thank you and I have shared this on facebook also!

  6. There might have been many days when I and mom enjoyed our laughter and tears. All the time spent with her will have special place in my heart. But the day I got married was my most memorable moment with my mom. That event just changed entire equation between both of us. She has been caring, loving, understanding always. but Before marriage I would easily take my mom for granted. I really regret that I could not express in words/ tell her how much I respect and loved her too.

    Just the feeling of not being with her everyday changed everything that day. I started feeling more caring and concerned for her after that. So what I could not say in words I try to cover up in action by taking more care of her now.

    P.S. Liked and shared on social media. My FB profile as Alps Ladwani and twitter: @alpsnailart

  7. The one thing I wanted to tell my mom, but never got a chance is this: Mom, you are an all-rounder, having managed our family with extraordinary multi-tasking skills. You got up early, You cooked morning breakfast for us, You prepared dad’s lunch box, You cooked our lunch, You readied us for school, You left us to school, You did the laundry, You washed utensils, You cleaned the house, You ironed the clothes, You picked us up from school, You prepared evening snacks, You served us healthy fruit drinks after evening plays, You prepared nice dinner, You served fruits and dessert, You washed utensils again, You prepared the bed, You woke up in time for school, You shopped nice dresses for me, You brought toys and books, You attended PTAs, You took care of us, You took us to the dancing class, You learnt computer for me and You did innumerable other things I will never be able to do. You did all these without help of domestic maid or modern gadgets. You never asked for a raise, never took a leave. You never complained and you never got irritated. You still work, never complain. You always had a modern outlook towards life. You ensured that all of us got the best education. You instilled best values in us by practicing what you preached. Unlike most parents, you always gave us all the space and put absolute trust in us. Due to your kind and understanding nature, even my friends trusted and respected you more than their own parents. To be able to so much and more in a lifetime, you must be a super hero or a magician. I think you are is both. Being blessed with a mother like you is the limit of good fortune. God has been unfair to others for having given me such a wonderful mother in you. I will consider myself blessed if I can be even 10% to my daughter of what my you have been to me.

  8. My mom is a person who is an ideal indian woman i must say. She is a person have learnt to be down to earth .
    She is my bff ,philosopher and guide to . I must say i so far misunderstood her many time . I would love to share and incident that changed a lot i thought about her My mom is a very frank person.We share a bonding where we share almost everything.My mom is not really a makeup addict or parlour sick person.She does go to the parlour for hair cuts only.Even if a marraige party is arround ,everyone hits the parlour ,my mom seldoms does.I have seen mom using home ingredients for facial or e.t.c
    The momment i want to share is during my cousin’s marraige all my aunts went to parlours i was a little busy to waste 5 hrs there.So far i was the one who requested for such thing .I cannot expess in words how happy i was when mom came up and said she was feeling shy to accompany aunts and hit the parlour.She wanted me to do her makeup and said “parlour er moto korish kintu” .It was the first time i used my hair straightner to groom mom’s hair ,she felt the heat and immedietely said ” tor haate lagbe to” (its gonna hurt your hands) so lovely moms are.Though i applied serum before straitening still she was not concerned that the heat might damage hair,but cared for my hands instead.
    Everyone praised my beautiful mom and she did not hesitate to give the credit to me her would be architect ,singer daughter who is amature MUA .lol:D
    My career is soully a reflection of her devotion she made me what i am.My mom is not much a western music fan.Infact she hardly encourages me wen i sing western numbers.
    That day on my cousins marraige,we bengalees have a ritual called “bashor jaga” .Bashor is basically a a ritual where grooms friends ,siblings cousins along with brides friends ,siblings and cousins enjoy the night and entertain the newly married couple with music, entertaing games and sharing jokes.So i was ready for my cousin’s bashor and mom and dad were leaving the ceremony hall as they were not staying up out there.So i gave mom a good night hug and before i left she told me ” show them that you are not the one just know robi thakur show that you are my Madonna”
    That was really something i heard and my ears could’nt believe.My mom who brought me up with and ideal music has no exposure beyond robi thakur lalon fakir and vimsen joshi .My mom happens to know Madonna!! I was astounded she took look at the my shoes and said “do not attempt to copy Jackson ”
    Well i cant explain how amazed i was and relieved too.I was loving the feeling that mom is not really discouraging my love for western music.That firstime i felt how awesome it feels sometimes to be proven wrong.
    And the proud daughter gve mom a goodnight hug .And told my self she is the most mordern person on earth .I have always believed my father’s choice blindly in every aspect of life and that day i got a solid reason to stick to Dad’s choice . Coz my mom’s the best mom

  9. Sometimes, my mom is very strict. If do anything wrong, she scolds me like anything. I really feel upset at that times. I actually want to tell her not to become so angry & rude. But before, I could tell that, she shows me her love & care, at the next minute itself. So I get both scoldings & love from her. But I’m unable to tell her that not to be so rude to me. I never got a chance to tell it to her, because I realize that she is scolding me, so that I’ll correct myself next time. It’s all because of the love & care towards me.

    Completed all the steps.
    Facebook name: Divya Asha
    Twitter ID: @DivyaAsha
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