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Do you really think of getting an answer for a mother in law daughter in law fights? From century to century no one ever got a prompt solution for that. The mystery behind mother in law daughter in law fights goes on. The poor husband or the father in law are always the most annoyed ones often. The story is not same in the case of all Mother in laws. A few stand out from the crowd but rest,,,,phewww….

The common phases, which most of the mother in law uses:

  • “I just want to see him happy”-The first and foremost thing which I would like to clarify is that their daughter in law is not here to make your son’s life miserable. They are totally in love with each other. 24×7 he can’t walk around with a smiling face just to make you feel that he is very happy.
  • “Do you know what your wife did today”- There you go lady.. The moment he comes home, before asking for a tea or snacks, you just shower him with the rocket science mistakes your daughter-in law did.
  • “She doesn’t give him peace of mind” – If at all we argue less and stopping complaining about each other, maybe he gets a better peace of mind.
  • “I wish my daughter in law was like her”- and we really wish we had a Mother in law like her. You should understand that the grass is always greener on the other side.
  • “You shouldn’t cook like this”- first of all, you doesn’t help us much in kitchen and over the top you start telling me how to cook? I am happy with whatever you cook so am ready to be a spectator and enjoy your food.
  • “See, I told you so”- ya mistakes happens, we are normal girls, and not the perfect daughter in laws of your favorite daily soaps
  • “She is arrogant/ or misbehaved”- If we try to avoid fight by keeping quite you tag us arrogant, if we try to clarify our point you tag us as cultureless.
  • “Nowadays my son doesn’t talk to me much”- Now who would want to hear their wife’s complaint everyday. Complaining about your wife doesn’t make your son love you more.
  • “My son had changed since marriage”- Obviously he has to, he is not going to be mama’s boy forever.

We often notice that mother in law blames on daughter in law, but have you thought from a mother’s perspective that your daughter faces the same situation in her in law’s home. Just like you want your daughter in law to wake up early do all household chores alone and wear pure traditional dress; Are you asking your daughters to do the same thing?

We know that daughter in law comes from a different family atmosphere; so let her be in her own way don’t try to change her according to your convenience. Don’t let these daily soaps influence your life. There is no person called as a “perfect daughter in law”. It’s how you accept each other with their imperfections.

Now don’t forget to keep this page open until your mother in law has a sneak peek of this : P
And for all those daughter in laws who are giggling out there after reading this, don’t worry a post on daughter in law is coming very soon, be prepared.. 😛

PS: ( I don’t have mother in law above-mentioned quotes are from few daughter in laws experiences 😛 )
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38 thoughts on “Mother in law or monster in law?

  1. ROFL:) you know Wat Sajini, I have faced each one f this and more!! It’s a never ending story though.. We just get used to hearing this 🙁

    1. First of all those serials are real life adaptation, they just exaggerate the story for TRP, secondly this is still happening around us, maybe few are lucky to have a good Mother in law, but not all…

  2. you’re absolutely right sometimes in-law are real snakes,
    but also the mothers are no less know how many times I felt when I was married to say you cooked for your husband, poor guy he has to work you have to do to eat well and a lot of other complaints as if we could do 8 million things together and they even have one

  3. Haha..i know how MILs can be so demanding at times..thankfully my to-be Mother in law treats me like the daughter she never had 😀

  4. A MIL and DIL relationship is rarely in good terms now a days.. it also depends hw educated both are coz if they are understanding wud b better,, lovely write up for sure 🙂

  5. you know yesterday whole night i am thinking this mother in law line and share it with all my married friends and they laughing but you said in a nice way.

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