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We all know that ladies like celebrations and surprises more than their husbands. That is why you should find the best way to surprise your man and show him that celebrating a birthday is a fun thing. Find the best  birthday surprises for your husband and motivate him to do the same for your birthday 😉

  • Surprise party
    This is a common and ordinary idea, but why not throw him one of the best surprise parties ever. Call all of his friends collegues and closest family members and make him jump and gasp with surprise. These parties can vary according to your husband’s preferences, and you can choose to arrange one quiet dinner party with your closest friends, or throw one loud and wild party with his favorite drinks and treats. Such parties are always welcome and fun, and after you are left alone, surprise him once again with a private party.

Surprise party

  • Overwhelming Scrapbook
    During your time together you have probably made lots of pictures, so why not seize them in one creative scrapbook. This little project could take you some time to finish, but once you are done, your husband will feel special to have all your best memories in one place. All you need is one scrapbook, all the memorable pictures of you two and even some old concert tickets and other items you have saved. Arrange and combine the pictures so they tell a story of your life together and surprise him with the best, most thoughtful present of all times.Overwhelming Scrapbook
  • Hobby gift
    As his life companion, you probably already know what are his favorite hobbies and the activities he likes doing when relaxing. Once you have all the information, you can give him the best birthday gift ever. If he likes playing a guitar you can surprise him some music gear; if he likes sport get him some quality sports wear. Sometimes hobbies can be done in pairs, so if he is interested in things in which you also want to participate then why not surprise him with some valuable time together.Hobby gift
  • Radio broadcasting
    Have ever heard a romantic birthday wish over the radio? Wouldn’t it be fun to try it out yourself? Go for it and find out what local radio stations are willing to broadcast your best wishes for your husband’s birthday. Make up a nice romantic message for him and even arrange his or your song to play after the wishes, and see his reaction. He will probably be surprised and amazed by this idea.Radio broadcasting
  • Be His Fashion Designer
    It is a well known fact that men just do not like shopping. Even when they have to buy new shirt or jeans, they just buy it in the first store they see. If you are tired of this and want to freshen up your husband’s style a bit, you can be his designer and surprise him with something new. Buy him a pair of jeans; find a nice shirt in a new color you always wanted to see on him or surprise him with some stylish leather gifts for men. Leather jackets, belts and even bags for men are always trendy and look good on men. Be creative and freshen up your husband’s closet, and you may even find something for yourself while shopping.Be His Fashion Designer

Give your husband the best birthday surprise because he deserves it. What are you planning to get your husband this year?

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