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Do you guys analyze/calculate things that happen in your life? We thought why can’t we come up with a Life Theorem :P.  Basically there are three stages in married life. The honeymoon stage, the midlife stage and old age stage. Honeymoon period is the shortest and the best time of a couple’s life. They are in so much love. Those cute little cupid flying all over their head, forgiving each others faults, sharing sugar quoted words, giggling for small things, living a life which you dreamt of. The third stage that is the old age is where couples don’t bother each others faults. They just love each other the way they are. There won’t be any sugar coated words but we can see the love in their eyes. For them, love is supporting and caring each other. The second stage i.e the midlife stage is the lengthiest and the most war prone stage 😛 . At this stage the couples do forget to love each other and they are just living together. With the tensions of home loans and other type of loans, children’s education, parents health, they just forget to give time to each other. This is the stage when couples enjoy those sarcastic husband/wife jokes.

mid life crisis
Let’s just take some effort to spice up our midlife stage:

Beg borrow or steal money and time, but you MUST go on a vacation once in six months. Not necessary to plan a European or Mediterranean trip, but resorts nearby your place or a weekend getaway can even do wonders. Now don’t start the quarrel over choosing the destination. 😉

  •  Put aside your ego, and stop waiting for your spouse to be active or romantic, even you can take the initiative. Bring some energy into your life. Maybe you just have to kick start it, he/she will go with the flow.
  • Yup, kids are blessing, but being with them 24/7 and treating your spouse as they don’t even exit is really gonna effect your relationship. Spend some quality time together, have a candle light dinner at a good restaurant once in a while. Leave kids with your parents or allow them to sleep over at their friend’s home.
  •  There are no ugly woman just lazy ones, so stop being careless about yourself. You can’t roam around ignoring yourself and expect your hubby to adore you. This doesn’t mean you have to be a regular customer of the saloon. “Busy “is just an excuse. If you really want to do something, you will find time for it no matter how busy you are.
  • You have been married to this person for a while now, you know how he is, so stop expecting him to change or be like you.  Either like the way he is or try to ignore what irritates you about him.
  • Respect each other. I have often seen couples humiliating each other without bothering they have spectators. It might start as a funny joke, but can end up in real fight. If you don’t respect each other, neither will your children.
  • Give a surprise gift; price is not a prime factor. Just make him/her feel special and let them know that we want them in our life. You need not wait for anniversaries or birthdays to make them feel special.


Your happiness has a direct effect on children. When couples are happy and in love the atmosphere of the home changes. We can feel it at the moment we enter such house. Set a good example for your children how happy a married life can be, so that they treat their spouse the same way as you does.

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