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Marriages are never about the religion or caste. Love marriages are so common nowadays,parents no longer worry or bother about it even if it’s an inter caste or interfaith marriage. Earlier inter caste marriages were a taboo in the society, but with time the attitude changed. I personally know a few who did interfaith marriage. I am really happy for them because it’s really a bold decision to choose a life partner from other religion especially in this era where people try to kill each other in the name of religion.

The only thing that makes me think is that why do they want to covert to their spouse’s religion soon after getting married. It’s like wife prefers Ranbir Kapoor and Burger and husband saying I love Aamir Khan and aloo paratha so once you marry you too should love Amir and paratha and shouldn’t adore Ranbir ( I know that was a weird comparison 😐 ) The question that comes to my mind is when you are in love you accept each other’s likes and preferences, but soon after getting married why you want to change it? When you were in love you didn’t bother about the society and how they’ll react, but soon after getting married why you want to satisfy them?

If you choose to covert your religion then it’s your personal decision but if your spouse asks you to do so then it’s time to rethink about the relationship. When you have a baby then maybe you can choose which religion they should follow, but you are already following a religion since you were born and do you really want to walk away from it just to be a part of someone’s life? Does converting a religion matter if you both love and understand each other well?

Initial time of marriage is like honeymoon period, you just accept whatever your spouse is saying, but after 1-2 years the reality comes in. You have a clear picture of a married life and you should not regret your past decision. So take time in decision making. Let them love you for who you are and not for what they want you to be.

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32 thoughts on “Marriages are never about the religion: Interfaith marriage

  1. well I believe if you are ok with changing your religion you may but if you are being asked to do it , I would never support it. Its ones life and nobody can ask you to do anything against your will. And if that somebody is your lover , you must rethink

    1. You are right Purva. if you are forced to sacrifice your religion for love its time to rethink about the love.

  2. things havent changed completely gal
    i still see lot of parents not so cool abt inter caste or interfaith marriages
    I too hate the fact changing the religion after marriage ,it does not sync-in completely to me a all

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