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jewelryIt’s quite sometime since we wrote a movie review and here we are. There were not many movies which we had something to write on until we watched Mardaani today. Splendid movie, even with a “A” rating.

The movie is about flesh trade, sex racket and a lady police officer’s fight against the same.
The story starts with Β Rani Mukherjee catching a gangster and the best part is she used the tapori language with pure Mumbaiyaa slangs… Like Chailaa! πŸ˜€
A bit about her family and an orphan whom she saved earlier. This girl goes missing and the movie gains pac. After that you see the introduction of a hollywood class villain, trust me the villain was awesome.
Tahir Raj Bhasin, the person who played the villain steal the show along with Rani mukherjee. The performances of each and everyone in this movie is awesome. Shot like a hollywood movie but with the very important message and the excellent performances by class actors, this summarize Mardaani. If we write more, we may tell you the whole story here. πŸ˜›



This is a movie which shows some violent scenes which are inevitable because that is the plot or the main theme. This movie is rated “A” and it is better to avoid taking kids for this movie.

What I Liked?

  • Not a long movie, crisp and straight to the point.
  • Direction, the way this movie is shot is awesome and it actually does the job.
  • The message, simple but much needed.

What you may not like
Interval, with the pace you dont need an interval

Mardaani is a good watch for adults. We are rating it a Three and a half stars πŸ™‚jewelryjewelry2



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37 thoughts on “Mardaani – A sensible take of Taken

  1. I saw this movie over the weekend nd loved it! Not to forget that it is slightly disturbing but I loved the take on the subject nd was one of the grest movies I have seen in a long time πŸ™‚

  2. I saw this movie last week too…and it is one good movie. I would recommend everyone to watch it.
    I just don’t get how most people in our country go for these dumb movies like Kick (the shows are always house full) whereas when I went for Mardaani there were hardly any people…such a shame.

    1. They need Sallu bhai in movie that’s it, no story or anything else (not even acting ) required. Shame!

  3. I watched it today and cant stop raving about it…So very loved it that this was my FB status- “Rani Mukerji adds a new dimension to BEAUTY—— BRAVERY. An Awesomely crafted & executed film. A must watch- Mardaani – The Film. The mardaani anthem ran chill through my spine. “

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