Making of the perfect groom

The making of the perfect groom

When the wedding is fixed everyone is focused on the bride. What the bride is wearing for wedding, which color during sangeet, engagement, what kind of jewelry etc etc.. and the poor groom literally gets less attention. It is a true fact that the wedding outfit and accessories for groom are kept for last minute shopping (from personal experience 😛 ) . Things are getting changed slowly by the modern customs like theme weddings, destination weddings etc. Theknotstory have few tips for the to be groom to be the perfect groom on the D day.

First and the foremost, its your wedding you are the one who needs to be the perfect along with the bride (Have this mantra in mind :D)
  •  No need to wait for the last week of wedding to purchase your wedding outfit and trousseau (Ya I said it , the guy’s trousseau)
  •  Check with the bride about her wedding outfit and outfits for other functions. Plan for an outfit which complement the bride’s ( A gown will complement a tuxedo and not a Pyjama Kurti 😛 )
The making of the perfect groom

The making of the perfect groom

  • The colors! Rather than opting for same color select a color which complement the bride’s outfit. ( Red and cream would look much better than the color red for both, which would look like apple market 😛 )
  • Checkout for the sale going on in the showrooms, you can grab some good stuffs at discount if there is an off-season sale going on. (Please don’t wait for the last day of sale as all the good stuffs would be gone by then).
The making of the perfect groom

The making of the perfect groom

  • If you are interested in designer wear do a good research on a couple of designers and choose the best one which suits your style and budget.
  • Coordinate with your friends and plan accordingly for the perfect groomsmen team.
The making of a perfect groom

The making of a perfect groom

  • Pre-plan things. Fix stage decor, caterer, music and DJ,gifts for friends and relatives etc well in advance
  • Stop the running around and arranging stuffs at least 3 -4 days before your wedding. Assign such emergencies to your brother/cousins or friends. Take rest and chill, its your own wedding.
  • Go for the pre-wedding grooming sessions in the saloon.
  • Carry a pleasant smile 🙂
The making of the perfect groom

The making of the perfect groom

  • Be ready with your gift for your bride. Remember first impression is the best 😀
  • Eat, sleep and dream well 😉
Happy wedding Day 🙂

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    • theknotstory

      true! Got most of them from personal experience 😉

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    Thanks for giving such key points, will going to use in cousin’s marriage.

    Nice Post…

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      Glad you loved them! Our best wishes on your cousin’s wedding 🙂

    • theknotstory

      That means a lot darling! Thanks a lot :*

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    Lovely post n cute tips..<3

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