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Everything is almost ready for your fairy tale wedding, but there always seems to be something more to do. Don’t stress out, relax and take some time for yourself. As a bride-to-be, you can spare some time to rest, and make sure you will look perfect on the most important day of your life. Stop worrying and your skin will be grateful for it.

So sit back, take a sip of coffee, enjoy the rest of your bachelorette days and your face will shine even more brightly than your dress. Remember, helpful advice is there for you, but happiness is the key factor for an adorable look.

Prepare your skin

Before you start putting on your make-up, take at least half an hour to prepare your skin. Use the products that go well with your skin type. First, you need to clean your face. Exfoliation is a must! After you cleanse and scrub your face, use a facial mask. If your skin is on a dry side, use a mask that will hydrate your skin.

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know
Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know


If your skin is on oily side, use the mask that will close your pores and mattify your face. In the end, use your favorite moisturizer. Gently apply it on the skin and press it in with the tips of your fingers until it’s completely soaked in. Use an eye cream as well, to freshen up the under eye area even more.

Perfect complexion

For important day like this one, you need to use a primer, which will prolong your make-up and make it look natural. When it comes to primers, a little goes a long way. A pea size of product is enough for your entire face. The next step is foundation. You should choose one for your skin type, with no SPF – this is very important, because SPF creates a white cast in pictures, and you want your pictures to be perfect. Try to pick a shade that is closest to your natural skin color, so that it doesn’t look like a mask on your face.

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know
Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

For the best coverage, apply the foundation with a sponge or a flat tip brush by patting it into the skin. Don’t rub! Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter that your natural skin tone, and apply it to the points of your face you wish to highlight – your under eye area, nose bridge, cheek bones, chin, and middle of the forehead. Pat it in as well.

Refrain from heavy contouring. You don’t want to look too harsh on your wedding day. If you want, use a bronzer to lightly warm up your face. Instead of contouring, use a blush to accentuate your cheeks. Pink blush is great for fair and light skin tones, while peachy blush is great for medium and deep skin tones. To set everything in place, use a mattifying powder. Lightly dust it all over the face.

Captivating eyes

Before you apply any product to your eyes, use an eyeshadow base which will make your shadows last longer, stand out more and prevent them from creasing. If you want to look natural and gentle, don’t use overly dark or bright eyeshadows. They will only hide your eyes and wouldn’t go well with a princess theme. The best eyeshadow shades for this occasion are nudes. Champagne or light brown shades would be perfect.

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know
Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know


Use a brown eyeliner near your lash line to achieve a soft look. Use a shade darker eyebrow pencil to emphasize your eyebrows. Don’t overdraw them but rather follow their natural line. And remember, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

To top everything off, use a false lashes effect mascara. Even putting on few layers of mascara is better than using actual false lashes. On your wedding day you will probably have to be up and about all day, and you don’t want to worry about false lashes coming off, or looking strange. 

Sensual lips

For an icing on the cake there’s a lipstick. Even though you may be used to a lip balm, or colorless lip gloss, this is a chance to emphasize your lips. Use a longwearing lipstick or a lip stain in some neutral color. Pink, peachy and nude shades are the best option for a wedding day. Whichever shade you choose, don’t forget to top it off with a lip gloss which would make your lips fuller and more sensual.

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know
Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know


Who says that on your wedding day you need to hire a professional make-up artist in order to look your best? But you mustn’t be stingy when it comes to your wedding. The high quality make-up like Jane Iredale would definitely ensure your perfect princess look.

Once you’re done with your make-up, you can seal it in place with a make-up setting spray. If your skin gets oily easily, remember to carry blotting sheets with you. If your face gets dry, you can feel safe if you carry hydration spray in your purse.

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12 thoughts on “Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

  1. you I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding 🙂 but everyone said it is the best chance for you to get pampered and let others do the job 😛 Though i still think i could have done a great job 🙂

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