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Made Of Bold: A tribute to our Athletes

In India, the land where cricket is more popular than the national sport, every parent wants his/her son to be Virat Kohli. Many of us are not even interested to know about any other sport or track event. We worship cricket and just forget about other sport or sporting event happening. But there are a few who are passionate and had the courage to take up sports other than cricket and represent our country to compete with well trained athletes from other countries.made of bold

Recently we came across a  video of Royal Challenge Sports Drink where our Cricket Icon Virat Kohli has beautifully explained the pain and passion of our athletes. Unlike the budding cricketers they are not given the best grounds or facilities. In spite of the minimal facilities they have and come so far and are contesting the most superior games.

made of bold

The video shows their struggle and never ending passion towards their sport. Even though they are not used to the motivational cheers from a stadium full of fans they have achieved decent world rankings, but not our recognition. Our hockey team, swimmers, athletes, archers, boxers, weight lifters, shooters, kabaddi team etc is not competing with a random cricket playing nation, but with well trained players from different nations with best coach and other facilities. Our athletes may not create history, but they want to show the world that those who play bold are not afraid of losing. The kind of bold that we stand for is to be unafraid of consequences, giving it your all when the risk is high / stakes are high, after all they are made of bold.
made of bold

This beautiful tribute by Virat Kohli is a bold step to make us realize that it’s high time that we should support and promote other athletes and sports.made of bold

Virat Says that as he took up cricket at an early age today it has given him people’s love and respect. But there are many other athletes in our country who have given their sweat and blood to their sport, the only thing they lack is recognition from us. They have made bold choices without any fear of consequences, that’s why we say that they are made of bold.
made of bold

We wholeheartedly salute our athletes and women who have given their sweat and blood to represent our nation in international events.

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1 thought on “Made Of Bold: A tribute to our Athletes

  1. I am a sucker for inspirational sports clips, but this one in particular is quite beautiful. I’m happy to see that recognition is spreading to athletes in all sports, as well.

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