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DelhiNCR has got a very good variety of restaurants and when it comes to traditional Punjabi cuisine there are numerous options.
We always look out of good food where ever we go and last weekend one of our relatives came to visit us from Bangalore and without any second thoughts we decided to take them to Punjabi restaurant.
one of the authentic restaurants which serve good Punjabi food. We wanted a place in Noida where we can sit and enjoy the yummy food along with the conversations. It was a weekday and there was a bit of shopping to be done before dinner. We headed straight to DLF Mall of India, our favorite hangout when it comes to shopping, movies etc. While the shopping was in progress, I searched for a good restaurant and voila, we booked a table in Made In Punjab.
We always wanted to try Made in Punjab and this was the best time. A beautiful fine dining place with a very good ambiance and it’s mostly full.
You can walk in there and see if you get a table (only if you are lucky) or you can reserve a table online and I did reserve it that way. When we reached the restaurant we got a warm welcome. The menu card itself was impressive and unique.

The Wooden Menu Card

Made in Punjab menu is based on “Punjab” in Persian (The Land of) Five Rivers and thus the menu at Made In Punjab covers the rich agricultural regions surrounding the rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej from the erstwhile Princely State.  We were quite impressed to see how they incorporated these in the menu.

We ordered Kesar Pista Lassi to start with and kept looking for the starters and decided to order Chicken Kurkuri and Murg Bhatti since they both looked the best. The lassi was one of the best we had in Delhi and it was rich and also had a Petha in it which made it unique.

Since we were dining late (10:30 Pm) the waiter told that Chicken Kurkuri is sold out and suggested to go for Burnt Lasun Tikka (garlic flavored chicken). While the order was yet to reach we got some papad to start with along with spicy fresh onions and the yummy Mint chutney.

The papad stand 😀

Then came the starters which looked yummy and triggered the eat-em all mantra. The tikka and Murg Bhatti were succulent and juicy with the right amount of spices and flavor.  The starters we ordered were decent quantity, in fact, each of them good for 2-3 people (5,6 pieces each).

Murg Bhatti in a unique mustard flavored sauce
We loved the flavorsome Burnt Lasun Chicken

For the main course we ordered Garlic / Butter Naan and to go along with it, we ordered a Butter Chicken and a Murg lababdar. There were some more interesting dishes like Fuji Chonk Di Chicken Curry and Kadai Chicken and a Luxury Butter Chicken. But when we say to check the authentic dish, we always go for the Butter chicken and lababdar. While we were yet to come out of the yummy taste of the starters here comes the next round of yummy food.  The butter chicken was so rich and creamy with perfectly cooked chicken pieces it was not just food, but a symphony in itself. While Chicken lalabdar was way too rich and creamy for our taste.

Buttery Garlic Naan and creamy Butter Chicken

We were tummy full with the yumminess, richness, flavor and the finger licking taste of the dishes served.

Made in Punjab is a part of the restaurant group ‘ Massive restaurants’ owned by the Master Chef India Judge Zorawar Kalra son of the Masterchef Jiggs Kalra. Just like what Zorawar said about himself that he is an artist more than a chef, each dish we ordered was good looking too.

They served a variety of mouth fresheners in this cute little box

Anyone who loves authentic Punjabi food should try Made in Punjab without a doubt. I would rate it among one of the best.

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