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I love face masks and it is something I religiously follow in my skincare routine. I prefer a good face mask over parcel visits for a facial. The main reason behind this is my laziness:D I always go for chemical face masks and try to use face mask at least once a month. I have already reviewed LuxaDerme Bio-cellulose Mask for Skin Brightening and LuxaDerme Bio-cellulose Mask for Anti-Aging. Today I’m not going to talk about a facemask, but LuxaDerme Foot peeling & Exfoliating Mask.
I’m a fan of LuxaDerme face masks already and this foot mask has not failed to impress me. It’s just perfect for a lazy bum like me who bothers the least about foot care.
How to Use LuxaDerme Foot peeling & Exfoliating Mask-

  • Soak and clean your feet.( For the best results it is recommended to soak your feet in water for 5 minutes)
  • Open the foil cover and take out the mask gently. You’ll find a single piece inside. Use scissors and separate the two masks carefully.
  • Wear the foot masks as you wear your socks and leave it for next 90 to 120 minutes. For better results wear a pair of socks over the mask.
  • Wash your feet after removing the mask.s
  • The company is specially advising not to keep the mask for more than the prescribed time.

My Experience of using LuxaDerme Foot peeling & Exfoliating Mask-

The serum filled socks mask is quite easy to use. I did not find any noticeable change soon after removing the foot mask. But after a week a layer of my skin started peeling off and by the second week, all the dead skin of my feet got peeled off completely. During the peeling process, your feet would look ugly so wear shoes when you go out.
After second of using the mask, I could find a lot of difference. My feet looked fairer and softer and I am feeling very happy to see this very evident change.

Be careful while wearing socks mask. Mine was almost torn 😀
I wore loose socks on the foot mask
I wore loose socks on the foot mask
My dead skin started peeling after a week
My dead skin started peeling after a week

LuxaDerme Foot peeling & Exfoliating Mask costs 850 INR. You may find it a bit costly but It’s worth every penny you pay. The serum consists of all the goodness of green tea, rosemary leaf, jasmine, and orange extract etc. Moreover, they are free from sulfates, paraben, silicon etc.

What I like about LuxaDerme Foot peeling & Exfoliating Mask

  • Easy to use, non-sticky and non-messy
  • No more parlor visits for a pedicure. It’s like a pedicure at home.
  • Peels all the dead skin from your feet.
  • Less time-consuming. Wear a pair of socks over the foot mask and you can continue your routine work.


  • Your feet would look ugly during the peeling process and it takes a week or less.
  • Some may find it expensive.

You should try LuxaDerme Foot peeling & Exfoliating Mask if you are someone who has dry and cracked feet. You’ll find positive results in a week or two. I would recommend LuxaDerme Foot peeling & Exfoliating Mask to all those girls who do not find time for parlor visits for their regular pedicure.

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