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Skin care is something which most of us don’t take much care of. We often spoil our facial skin by using various makeup products but do not take the same effort to pamper it other than the usual moisturisers. It’s equally important to pamper your skin often to maintain and improve skin quality, after all, a flawless skin is what we all long for.

Let me introduce you guys to LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Mask for skin brightening. 

The LuxaDerme skin brightening mask comes in a foil packaging. LuxaDerme has come up  with a couple of  luxurious masks made for all skin types.

When you open the packaging you’ll find the mask wet in a serum. It’s neither made of paper nor cloth, but with fermented coconut jelly which smells heaven. The LuxaDerme mask is infused with premium skincare ingredients like baikal skullcap extract and arbutin, hyaluronic acid and collagen, olive oil, Niacinamide  also known as vitamin B3, Ascorbic Acid(vitamin C) which is an anti-oxidant. All these ingredients help in skin brightening, hydration. This also helps in improving skin elasticity and plumps skin, hyper-pigmentation and tissue repair. They also help to fight skin damage caused by pollution.

LuxaDerma Skin Brightening Mask Review
LuxaDerme Skin Brightening Mask Review

Price: 600 INR

How to use:
Clean and dry your face.
The LuxaDerme mask comes in 3 layers. You need to remove the top and bottom and bottom layers and apply the mask.
Make sure the mask is covered all over your face from forehead to chin, sealing the skin.
Relax for next 30 minutes(as per instruction in the pack). I waited for another 30 minutes till my skin absorbed all the moisture in the mask.
Remove the mask gently and do not wash your face immediately.
You can apply the excess serum in the pack on your neck area.

LuxaDerma Skin Brightening Mask Review
LuxaDerme Skin Brightening Mask Review

As soon as I removed the mask  I rushed to the mirror and I saw a soft glow on my face which made me happier 😀 . I could feel as if I have come home after a facial treatment. My face has turned soft and supple in just one hour.

What I like about The LuxaDerme skin brightening mask:

  • Hydrates skin and gives a long lasting glow – Instant Effect.
  • No, paraben, sulphates, petroleum, alcohol or colors.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Easy to use, non-sticky and non-messy
  • It is free from any chemicals and synthetic ingredient that are harmful to the skin.
  • The mask takes at least, one hour to get dry. There is excess serum in the packaging as well.
  • Less time consuming.


  • Some may find it expensive, but it’s not even half the amount you spend in a parlour for the similar effect.

    LuxaDerma Skin Brightening Mask Review
    LuxaDerme Skin Brightening Mask Review

Overall I’m very much impressed by LuxaDerme Skin Brightening Mask Review. I would recommend it to everyone, especially to those working class who hardly get any time to pamper themselves. It’s worth every penny you spend.

I’ll come back with the review of remaining masks soon 😀

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9 thoughts on “LuxaDerme Bio cellulose Mask for Skin Brightening: Review

  1. I have been using this mask since 2 yrs and i just cant leave it, earlier i used to go for glcolic peels and bio chemical peels which are expensive and had to visit skin doctors for this procedure.I just happenned to use this mask and the result was no less than my expensive peels .Its just awsome , great for pigmented skin also it makes your skin bright and glowing .So go for it .

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