LuxaDerme Bio cellulose Mask for Anti Aging: Review

It is said that once you are in your late 20’s you should start using anti aging products to prevent anti aging signs in the skin. Even though I have crossed 30 I have not yet started using any of the anti aging skincare products. A couple of months before I reviewed LuxaDerme Bio cellulose Mask for skin brightening. I also had their anti aging mask with me but it took so long to try it out. Lazy me! :/

LuxaDerme Bio cellulose Mask for Anti Aging comes as a one face sheet mask and it’s very easy to use. The mask comes in a sealed foil packaging.When you open the cover you’ll find the mask covered in a net layer. Gently open the net and take out the mask . 

How to use:

  • Wash your face and pat dry.
  • The mask has 3 layers, remove the top and bottom mesh layers to use the mask which is infused in serum.
  • Place the mask over your face and gently press and seal the mask starting from forehead to chin. You can apply the excess serum on your neck area.
  • Wait for 30 minutes or until your face absorbs all the serum from the mask. I kept it almost for an hour.
  • Do not wash your face soon after the removing the mask, let your facial skin absorb all the goodness of the mask.

    LuxaDerme bio cellulose mask

    LuxaDerme bio cellulose mask

Cost: 600

LuxaDerme Bio cellulose Mask for Anti Aging is made with 100% fermented Coconut Jelly which helps in restoring your skin’s moisture and firmness while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

After peeling off the mask I just touched my face and to my surprise My face turned lot softer and supple, I never expected such an immediate effect from a face mask. I can’t comment on the anti aging part as I would need to use it atleast a couple of time to see the results. 

What I like about LuxaDerme Bio cellulose Mask for Anti Aging:

  • Immediate effect. It turns your skin soft and supple in the first use itself.
  • Gives a parlor effect without any effort. It’s less time consuming.
  • Easy to apply, non messy and travel friendly.
  • It’s certified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA)
  • It’s suitable for all skin types
  • It does not contain Paraben, Sulphates (SLS), Phthalates, Petrolatum, Heavy Metals, Alcohol, Artificial Colors or Fragrances.

Absolutely nothing!

I’m very happy with LuxaDerme Bio cellulose Mask for Anti-Aging . I’m definitely going to reorder this one. I’m planning to apply the mask atleast once a month . It’s a perfect skin care routine for lazy bums like me who keep skipping regular parlor sessions for skin pampering.

LuxaDerme bio cellulose mask

LuxaDerme bio cellulose mask

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