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A thought came to my mind, if a movie is happens in real life, then? I love movies related to food and the best movie or the one movie which is exceptionally good is Lunchbox. Not much big star cast, not much hoopla, no foreign locations, no cars flying, no six packs, but only love which you see in a common man’s life.

Who doesn’t love to cook for the people whom you love the most? Most of us love cooking and will be the happiest when we are cooking for someone we love. Whatever we cook, however simple it is the outcome will be special because we want it that way. 

Me and my brother are the best team when it comes to Foodventures 😀 Both of us like same cuisine. Puttu(steam cake) a very exotic snack which we eat in Kerala is our favorite. We don’t mind having it everyday. Among home cooked meals, there are some items’ which we dont mind eating again & again, puttu is one of those. Puttu with Chicken Curry or Puttu with Kala Channa is like the best feast for us.

I love to cook for my husband (he is a foodie), but the one person whom I cook with extra perfection is my brother. He is the critic, foodie and a person who love good food.  After watching The Lunchbox I thought for a moment if the same happened in my life. With small changes to the movie The Lunchbox, this is how it will look like in my life.

The Lunch I cooked for my husband, packed in a Tiffin and that Tiffin goes to my brother. Now, the food he likes & the food my husband like is not the same. I will expect a note from him saying that “Sis, Please send me puttu tomorrow and please put a little more salt & pickles” 😀 .  The next day this is what I will do. I will prepare his favorite puttu for him & pack him along with a letter. Below is how the letter looks like:


“I know this will be a surprise for you. Being one of the biggest foodie I know the best gift I can send you is a lunch box :D. You know that you are the most pampered, loved and most tortured person in the family 😀 (As you say one person betrayed by his sisters 😀 ) On this day I want to tell you that you complete our little world and your boring jokes and funny faces and weird expressions is a part of our life.

Since you are cooking your own meal nowadays and as I’m not there with you to cook your favorite dish, I know this lunch box will excite your more than anything.”

By the way, The Lunchbox’ Premiere on Valentine’s Day at 8 PM on &pictures; Do watch it for those who haven’t, for the others who had watched, I am sure you will watch again 🙂 Program schedule available here.


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