Lufthansa – German minds, but more Indian than You Think

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Travelling for work is one thing which I love about my job. I travel all over the world for work, at least 1 country every year. Most of my travel is to the USA for meetings and so this is one familiar route. I do not like long flights, max 8 hrs at a stretch is what I can accept in air travel. Hence I always opt for 1 stop options with transit and I have travelled in different airlines. One airline which had impressed me is Lufthansa, especially the A 380 from Delhi to Frankfurt is a fortress in the sky. Comfort, luxury, flexibility, space and good food makes this the best when combined with the awesome crew who keeps you happy always.

Being a German airline, the customised options and the way they care for Indian culture is More Indian than you think. The best example is the Indian food they serve and you will see at least 1 Indian crew member on the flight who is there to help you when needed. This helps a lot when our older generation people is travelling who is not that fluent in English. There is no communication gap or cultural gap here, especially when one Indian staff is there onboard. My grandmom has travelled alone from India to Canada and she has travelled in Lufthansa. She is not fluent in English but can understand and the crew of Lufthansa made her trip easy. When I saw the Lufthansa Advertisement the first thing it reminded me was about how easily & comfortably my grandmom travelled alone.

Another thing which I could relate to when I saw the Lufthansa Ad was, the ‘More Indian than you think‘ theme there. In fact, I remember hearing ‘Namaste’ when I entered the plane, what made me happier was the awesome Indian menu with pure-veg food (for all vegetarians). Also, the announcement and safety demonstration were in multiple languages including Hindi. A long flight needs many factors other than comfort to make it a good flight and one of them is the service available. Service includes the help you get from the crew, the comfort, flexibility (like early boarding for people with small kids, people with mobility problems & old people), good food and the most important, well a brand new or a well-maintained plane in which you can travel comfortably.

Being a person who travel and who has travelled in different airlines across the world It was easy for me to differentiate between each other. Most of them have their own pro’s and cons, but the one feature which keeps them apart is the unique value or a personal touch to your travel. I have felt this with Lufthansa because of two things

  • My grandmom travelled on this airline alone when she had limited language proficiency and they helped her to ensure she had an easy journey.
  • My personal experience where I have seen the Indian touch in an International Airline, More Indian than you think.

Lufthansa is and will always be my first choice for European & US travel. Why compromise comfort and service to get the Indian feel when you are getting More Indian than you think from a German Airline.

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1 thought on “Lufthansa – German minds, but more Indian than You Think

  1. I’m so impressed! I’m glad that an airline so dedicated to passenger service and comfort exists. The language accommodations are especially important.

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